"There is a great need to help our local schools.
Creating partnerships with businesses helps fill some of these funding gaps."

Adopt-A-School is a community partnership that links business and community organizations with schools to share expertise and resources in an effort to support our youth and schools.

Adopt-A-School is a national and statewide business-school partnership program that has been adapted to help meet the educational needs of Chico's children.

To adopt a school, please contact the principal of the school you wish to sponsor. See School Directory for contact details.


  • Call the principal of the school and tell him/her you are interested in the Adopt-A-School program.
  • Discuss what you would like to donate to the school(s). Adopters may choose to donate their time, money, expertise or other resources.
  • If you do not have a preference for a school, the District office can help match your business with a school in need. Please call 891-3000, ext. 137 for information.
  • The adopted school and the adopting business will attend a School Board meeting and receive a certificate of recognition.
  • You will briefly meet with the principal of your adopted school after the School Board meeting for an orientation. You will receive Adopt-A-School information and set up a time to make a visit to the school campus.

Participating businesses benefit from exposing students and faculty to their goods and services. Adopting a school is a way for you and your employees to give back to the community by sharing your time, energy, expertise, and financial resources with our schools.

This partnership also helps foster a better education for students  who will become our future community leaders. Participating businesses contribute through classroom tours, demonstrations, and discussions about their specific business.


  • Student representatives can visit your business and report to their classes.
  • Private businesses assist teachers in developing specialized curriculum.
  • Business people serve as positive role and career models for students.
  • Businesses may choose to exchange bulletin boards - the adopter may display student achievements and activities.
  • Classroom or assembly speakers and presentations.
  • Career exploration, activities, and presentations.
  • Job shadowing, student, and teacher internships.
  • Staff in-service for teachers and administrators with professional programs.
  • Incentives, awards, or scholarships that recognize outstanding student achievement.
  • Business and cultural exchanges, field trips, tours, or cultural event sponsorship.
  • Adopter support and participation in school events.
  • Student performances at adopter events.
  • Donations of equipment, resources, or funds to help students and schools.
  • Assistance for students with specialized technology and services.
  • Summer and after-school jobs for students.
  • Mini-courses provided by adopter.
  • Adopter sponsorship of school contests: art, writing, photography, spelling, etc.
  • Adopter and teaching staffs take part in mixed athletics or other contests.
  • Attendance and achievement recognition.


1. Communication: Keeping in touch needs to be a top priority.

2. Regular Meetings: Priority for a partnership is demonstrated when partners schedule a regular or     quarterly meeting. The meeting is an opportunity to check up on progress, bring up new ideas, or plan     for the next event.

3. Personal Visits Build Rapport: When you can, pay a visit to your partner's business or school. It helps     to see the world from his/her point of view and makes a statement about your interest. A visit need     not take long, 20 minutes observing students in class can give you a new perspective.

4. Involve Student Artwork: Have students write thank-you notes for the involvement of your partner.     Students can design posters to depict activities of the partnership, or send examples of work for     display in the office area.
    Call your partner when you have a need or want to run something by them.

5. Do not be afraid to ask: You never know when your partner might have an idea that will enable you to     achieve your goals.

6. Put It In Writing: Written communication has advantages. It can be done away from peak hours, can     be shared with others and lasts long after it is received. E-mail is a particularly effective means of     providing written communication. You may decide to:
  • Send a quick thank-you for an idea, activity, or gift.
  • Convey your appreciation to a manager, or an employee's supervisor.
  • Make a specific request (or follow-up on a telephone request).
  • Enclose a clipping, article, or report of interest to your partner.
  • Write an article about the partnership.
  • Send a copy of a school newsletter, PTA or employee newsletter.
  • Brighten someone's day with a little humor.


How does a business begin a partnership?
A business would typically make direct contact with the school site principal or call the Chico Unified School District office at 891-3000, ext. 137 to develop a partnership.

May a business select a particular school to adopt?

What are potential benefits of a partnership?
The business becomes a partner in the education of young people in our community. The business is publicly recognized at a School Board meeting and is given a certificate of adoption.

What might a business do to conduct a successful school/business partnership?
Success is built upon communication, an established plan with goals and suggested activities, personal visits built upon mutual respect, and a willingness to become involved.

My business is small and may not always be able to make financial contributions. How can I help?
Although some businesses are able from time to time to help school and their students with cash donations or needed school equipment, scholarships, etc., it is not always what is needed most. By getting together with your school site contact, you will find that your business can be helpful in other areas.