Gang Prevention Documentary Film

The documentary film, LAGRIMAS DE MI MADRE (Tears of My Mother), played free of charge on Sunday, October 7, 2012, at the El Rey Theater. The film, produced by Ron Reed and the Butte County Public Defenders, focuses on the suffering mothers endure when a child they love strays into the path of a gang. The negative effects of gangs in Butte County, on young boys, girls and their families are vividly displayed in this documentary. The film dipicts local situations suing police officers, educators, probation officers and families and reveals the pain caused by gangs and please: STOP THE MADNESS!

To view the film, please click here.

A strong community that supports youth and families can be at the front line against gang violence. Butte County has many active agencies that are working to strengthen families. The following agency leaders were guest speakers at the event:
  • Steve Bordin, Chief Probation Officer, Butte County
  • Mike Ramsey, Butte County District Attorney
  • Kirk Trostle, Chief of Police, City of Chico
  • Bernard Vigallon, Retired Director of Alternative Education
  • Ron Reed, Butte County Juvenile Public Defender