Possible Boundary Changes

Chico Unified is exploring a possibly boundary change to schools located on the northern portion of Chico. The goal is to reduce future overcrowding at Shasta Elementary caused by increasing development and student enrollment. The impacted schools may include Shasta Elementary, Marigold and Neal Dow.
These changes are being recommended in conjunction with Phase III of the Faculties Master Plan. Some of the criteria for proposed implementation area:
  • Changes would only apply to students enrolling in Chico Unified for the first time.
  • Siblings would be grandfathered in from previous boundaries.
  • Changes would take effect in the 2019/20 or 2020/21 school year.
To date, three public meetings have been held to gather input. Below are the proposed boundary change options.
Graphic Showing Boundary Change Option 1
Graphic Showing Boundary Change Option 2
Graphic Showing Boundary Change Option 3

Additional Boundary Changes - Based On Community Input

Boundary Change Graphic Option 4a
Boundary Change Option Graphic 4b
Boundary Change Graphic - Option 5

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