CUSD Summer Testing Locations:
  • Chico Unified School District Office (Large Conference Room): 1163 East Seventh Street, Chico, CA 95928 (typically on Tuesdays*)
  • Chico Unified School District Corp Yard (Plans Room): 2455 Carmichael Court - located behind Cal Skate (typically on Thursdays*)
* Please view the schedule below for the most updated testing times and locations.
 For questions regarding COVID-19, please call the California Department of Public Health COVID-19 call center at 1-833-4CA4ALL (1-833-422-4255).
CUSD Student, Staff and Volunteer Testing Schedule

CUSD_Student,_Staff_and_Volunteer_Testing_Schedule icon
CUSD Student, Staff and Volunteer Testing Schedule

Family members who are not current Chico Unified students, staff or volunteers, can find COVID-19 testing information and locations on the Butte County Public Health (BCPH) website - Visit the Butte County Public Health Website | BCPH Community Testing Locations
Register Before Your First Visit - LINK FOR TESTING BEFORE June 30, 2022

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Register Before Your First Visit - LINK FOR TESTING BEFORE June 30, 2022

Register on the Primary.Health website (this program is run by the California Department of Public Health for CUSD).
No appointment is needed. All Chico Unified testing sites utilize drop-in testing. Please wear a well-fitted mask while utilizing testing services.

Quarantine Protocols

At Home Quarantine Information
Our District has followed the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) K-12 School requirements. 
Chico Unified School District will continue to allow exposed students and staff to attend school if they are symptom-free. Students and staff should continue to remain home when sick and are encouraged to take a COVID-19 test if exhibiting symptoms and/or if they have a known exposure to COVID-19.
Chico Unified can offer students home test kits as well as FREE symptomatic testing located at the Chico Unified District Office, 1163 East Seventh Street, Chico.

Classroom Exposure Notification

What Parents Can Expect
Chico Unified School District remains committed to ensuring continued communication throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. As we continue in-person instruction, individual students, families or classrooms may be requested to quarantine at home as a precaution to minimize the potential spread of COVID-19.
Families will be notified if there is a confirmed COVID-19 case in a student's classroom. Please follow the recommended screening and testing recommendations if your student is exposed to a confirmed case.
We are all committed to keeping our campus as safe as possible for students, staff and our community. Please reach out to your school site's office if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for keeping our campus community healthy.

Volunteers on Campus

Parent Volunteer Information
California Governor Newsom recently passed a Public Health Order that requires all staff, coaches, volunteers and adults on K-12 campuses to be fully vaccinated or perform weekly COVID-19 testing. Unfortunately, the Governor does not allow any exceptions or exemptions in this Public Health Order (as it relates to adults).
Due to the strict guidelines and accountability components outlined in the Governor’s Public Health Order, our district is currently implementing mandatory weekly testing for all unvaccinated staff. We will also provide testing to registered parent volunteers on their child's school site or at the CUSD District Office. You may view the testing schedule here.
Parent involvement is so valuable and essential for our students, and we greatly appreciate the willingness to donate your time and energy to the classroom.
Parents/Guardians are always welcome on campus for voluntary after-school activities and events, and we encourage you to participate in your school’s PTA/PTO/PTSO (regardless of vaccination status).
Thank you again for your willingness to help. We are looking forward to the day when restrictions are lifted, and we can return to a pre-pandemic learning environment!
Unvaccinated Volunteers are required to provide a printed copy to the classroom teacher of a COVID-19 rapid antigen test or PCR test conducted at an approved testing site, CUSD Testing Site or employer testing site that provides printed verification. The test must be completed within the 7-day window prior to volunteering. Home testing will not be accepted.
Test Reports must include:
  • Test Date
  • Volunteer Name
  • Negative Result
  • Lab Name/Testing Center Name
Additional Information Regarding Student Testing

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Additional Information Regarding Student Testing

Voluntary and free COVID-19 testing opportunities are now available at Chico Unified school sites for students in grades TK-12, CUSD staff and CUSD volunteers.  This testing is offered to ensure all students eligible for Modified Quarantine have the ability to meet the testing requirements.  This testing opportunity is provided by the California Department of Public Health in conjunction with Primary Health and is available to all currently enrolled Chico Unified students, staff and volunteers. The California Department of Public Health will determine the duration and funding of the program. Read the Full Introductory Letter