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2021 Annual Prequalification of Contractors *Note: As of January 1, 2014, school districts in California that use any state funds to finance the construction of our schools will be required to prequalify the General Contractors, Mechanical Contractors, Electrical Contractors, and Plumbing Contractors per PCC 20111.6. Specific classifications include: C4, C7, C10, C16, C20, C34, C36, C38, C42, C43 and C46.

We are accepting requests for placement on 2021 Informal Bidders List for projects under $200K

Project Bid Opening Awarded Bid Amount Results
Pleasant Valley High School - Arts, Media & Entertainment CTE and Education, Child Development & Family Services CTE May 13, 2021      
Site Work & One Relocatable Building at Sherwood Montessori School April 20, 2021 R&R Horn $225,500  
AG Shop Modernization & Two Shade Structures at Chico High School April 1, 2021 Hankins Group Inc. $450,843  
Site Work and One Relocatable Preschool Building at Citrus Elementary School February 25, 2021 Twin Builders $243,419  
Site Work for Ag Greenhouse at Chico High School November 19, 2020 Schreder & Brandt Mfg. $453,000  
October 21, 2020 Santos Excavating, Inc. $220,000  
 Nord Country School New Domestic Well  May 7, 2020 NorCal Pump    
Chico Country Day School New Classrooms and Modernization  April 27, 2020
United Building Contractors Inc.
$3,481,000  Results
Pleasant Valley High School Culinary Arts Medical Pathway CTE   April 9, 2020  D.H. Slater & Son $16,209,000  
*Must be on Informal Bidder's List
February 28, 2020  United Sun Energy  $136,860  
Request for Proposals - DSA Inspector   January 31, 2020      
June 11, 2019       
Addendum No. 1
*Must be on Informal Bidder's List
 May 21, 2019  United Building Contractors, Inc.  $135,000  
*Must be on Informal Bidder's List
 May 15, 2019  Musson Theatrical, Inc.  $143,915  
 May 1, 2019  Randy Hill Construction  $3,960,000  
 April 11, 2019  Ginno Construction  $326,345  Project Canceled
Sports Field at Forest Ranch Charter School Mar. 14, 2019  Franklin Construction  $225,000 Results
Site Work & Two New Relo Buildings on Concrete Foundation; and Renovation of Existing Classroom Building  Jan. 21, 2019  Anthem Builders Inc.  $257,345  
 2018 Prop. 39 HVAC Replacements at Inspire  Dec. 11, 2018  United Building Contractors, Inc.  $141,700  
Site Work & Relocation of One Relocatable Administration Building at Little Chico Creek Nov. 20, 2018  United Building Contractors, Inc.  $483,000  Results
Site Work & Relocation of Two Relocatable Classroom Buildings at Hooker Oak Elementary School  October 25, 2018  Anthem Builders, Inc.  $149,525.00  Results
Security Fencing at Emma Wilson Elementary School - Must be on 2018 Informal Bidders List
 June 7, 2018  Butte Construction Company    
Portable Gym Flooring at CORE Butte - Must be on 2018 Informal Bidders List  May 25, 2018  Boberg Hardwood Floors Inc.  $155,500  
 May 1, 2018  R.B Spencer Inc. $562,734  
3/1/2018   United Building Contractors, Inc. $696,085  
3/1/2018   Walberg Inc. $237,000  
1/18/2018  United Building Contractors, Inc.  $414,000 Results
1/25/2018   K S Telecom  $197,900  
RFP/Q LLB Construction Services for FMP Phase III Projects  
CHS Stadium - BCM
PVHS Stadium - UBC
Shasta New Construction - UBC
Loma Vista - UBC & CS Builders
Marigold- UBC & CS Builders
Neal Dow- BCM Construction
Shasta Elementary Portable Relocation Project  6/1/17  United Building Contractors  $578,900  Results
Prop. 39 Replacing Rooftop Package Units at Various Sites  5/16/17  United Building Contractors  $746,038  Results
Removal of Hazardous Soil at Future School Site
 5/2/2017  Innovative Constructive Services  $123,691  Results
Request to Prequalify & Statement of Qualifications/Proposals for Prelim/Construction Services for CHS & PVHS Stadium Renovations:
CHS--United Building Contractors
 3/14/2017  Tec-Com $27,370.00 Results
Drops East - Bid Walk: 02/02/2017
 2/23/2017  Ruffino (Contract Canceled) $88,021.00 Results
Drops West - Bid Walk: 02/02/2017
 2/23/2017  Ruffino (Contract Canceled)  $122,109.00 Results
HVAC Replacement and Reroof at Pleasant Valley High School at Varley Gym Link to Information, Addendum 1, Bid Form; Addendum 2; Addendum 3  2/28/2017  UBC $649,950.00 Results
Site Work at APN: 002-190-021-000 (Raley Blvd. and Bruce Rd.) 11/3/2016 Franklin Construction $346,190.00 Results
Request for Qualifications for Environmental Consultant Services 10/6/2016 Michael Baker    
Multiple Site Lighting Improvement Projects 5/26/2016 UBC $471,095.39 Results
Rooftop HVAC Package Unit Replacements 5/12/2016 RB Spencer, Inc. $269,695 Results
Chiller Replacement at Little Chico Creek 5/6/2016 UBC $249,679  
Roof Repair, Phase II at Chico High 5/5/2016 UBC $178,726 Results
Track & Field Renovation at Chico High 3/17/2016 Sprinturf $1,592,000 Results
Track & Field Renovation at Pleasant Valley 3/17/2016 Franklin Construction $1,532,500 Results
Site Accessibility Upgrades at Citrus 7/21/2015 HPC Construction $70,500 Results
Site Accessibility Upgrades at Emma Wilson 7/21/2015 BCM Construction Company $69,950 Results
Cabling Infrastructure at Marsh Junior High 6/1/2015 K S Telecom, Inc. $254,900 Results
Chico High School Structural Roof Repair 3/5/2015 Ginno Construction, Inc. $66,827.00  
Cabling Infrastructure at Chico Junior High 2/6/2015 World Telecom & Surveillance Inc. $308,896.61 Results
Cabling Infrastructure at Bidwell Jr. High School-Informal Bid 10/13/2014 K S Telecom, Inc. $69,700 Results
Site Work and Sewer Connections at Bidwell Jr. High and McManus Elementary 6/10/2014 NorCal Excavating, Inc. $164,313.44 Results
Addendum #1        
Site Work and Relocation of Two 24x20 Relocatable Classrooms, Loma Vista 2014 5/20/2014 Seward L. Schreder Construction $112,390.00 Results
Informal Bid Notice   Subcontractor List    
Bid Walk Sign-In Sheet        
Request for Statement of Qualifications for Lease-Leaseback Services: Various Facilities Master Plan Projects including but not limited to: Select Modernization & New Construction at Bidwell Jr. High, Chico Jr. and Marsh Jr. 3/24/2014 BCM Construction; Broward Builders; Modern Building, Inc.; United Building Contractors    
RFQ-Due 3/24/14        
Request, Statement of Qualifications, Energy Engineering & Expenditure Planning 3/24/2014 ARC Alternatives Proposal  
RFQ-Due 3/24/14        
Request for Statement of Qualifications: High School Athletic Master Planning for Chico High School and Pleasant Valley High School 1/28/2014 Lionakis N/A  
Architect's Qualifications Form        
Addendum #1        
Draft Athletic Master Plans        
Prequalified Contractors

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