Phase I Quick-Start Projects

Phase_I_Quick-Start_Projects iconPhase I Quick-Start Projectstitle

Phase I of the Facilities Master Plan consists of quick-start projects.  The Quick-Start projects require little to no architectural or engineering work reducing the time required to complete the projects. The following are identified Phase I Quick-Start Projects:
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Priority List
    1. Chapman Elementary
    2. Chico High School
    3. Citrus Elementary
    4. Emma Wilson Elementary
    5. Fair View High School
    6. Hooker Oak Elementary
    7. McManus (John A.) Elementary
    8. Neal Dow Elementary
    9. Parkview Elementary
    10. Pleasant Valley High School
    11. Rosedale Elementary
    12. Sierra View Elementary
    13. District Office
    14. Corporation Yard
  • Enhanced School Safety and Security Measures
    1. District-wide Projects-Safety and Security Report
    2. 2013 Health and Safety Projects
    • Canopy Repair at Rosedale Elementary and Chico Jr. High
    • Gym Floor Replacement at Pleasant Valley High School
    • Library Rooftop HVAC system at Chico High School
  • Technology Infrastructure for Common Core
    1. Hooker Oak Elementary
    2. Little Chico Creek Elementary
    3. Sierra View Elementary
    4. Emma Wilson Elementary
    5. Neal Dow Elementary
    6. Shasta Elementary
    7. Bidwell Jr. High
  • Energy Efficiency Projects (Prop 39)
    1. District-wide
Phase II- Jr. High Conversions

Phase_II-_Jr._High_Conversions iconPhase II- Jr. High Conversionstitle

The main objective of the Phase II projects is to prepare the junior high sites for the addition of the sixth grade which will ease the utilization pressure on the elementary schools District-wide. The identified Phase II projects are listed below:
  • Bidwell Jr. High
    1. Priority Modernizations
    2. Technology
    3. Renovations
    4. ADA Priorities
    5. New Construction
  • Chico Jr. High
    1. Priority Modernizations 
    2. Renovations
    3. Technology
    4. ADA Priorities
    5. New Construction
  • Marsh Jr. High
    1. New Construction
    2. Technology
    3. ADA Priorities
Click here to view the Junior High School Conversion - Facilities Program Document.