Nutrition Services Information

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Welcome Chico Unified School District students, parents and guardians to another exciting school year!

There are so many awesome things cooking up at the CUSD Nutrition Department!

  • The Nutrition Team has been honored two years in a row from FRESHMeals@Schools as one of 13 school districts with the healthiest menu. 
  • Your nutrition team strives to use as many local vendors as possible for our fresh fruits, vegetables, proteins, milk and dairy.  Over the past 6 years our Nutrition program has supported more and more local companies. 
  • For the past several years we have partnered with Chico High School FFA to build the Henshaw Farm.  This past year the farm has produced watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew and cranberry beans for our school food program.  That means that students produced food for other students!
  • We have our own bakery with three professional bakers that produce many of our breakfast items such as muffins, cinnamon rolls, and dinner rolls!  Our bakery also provides wonderful bakery products for our catering events.
  • As time continues our goal continues to be to use as few processed foods as possible.  We prepare many of our menu items from scratch and are continually working to eliminate more and more of the processed foods. A great example is our pizza.  We make the dough fresh daily, the sauce from scratch and assemble all the pizzas right in our bakery using low sodium cheese, fresh vegetables and local meats.
  • Our Turkey and Gravy and some of our Secondary Burritos are all make from scratch.  Turkey, pork, beef and beans all cooked from scratch and used in several of our recipes.
  • We just received a great new product for our freshly made sandwiches.  Farm to Family all natural, Oven Roasted sliced Turkey.  No antibiotics Ever, no added Hormones or Steroids, and it is a Gluten Free product.

The Nutrition Team strives to provide outstanding customer service to our guests every day.  It is our goal to greet the students with a smile, use their name, thank them for joining us and invite them back.  We value our guests and continue to work to provide a fun, healthy environment for them to enjoy their meals.

We just finished our 7th year for our summer feeding program.  This program is offered at a variety of sites throughout the summer and offers every child 2-18 years old a free breakfast and lunch.  For more information about this program please visit our website at  Look for us next summer 2019-20

Thank you all for supporting the CUSD Nutrition program by having your student join us for breakfast and lunch every day. We have many great options for them to choose from. In order to be prepared for the beginning of school, please make sure to fill out the meal application enclosed in this packet and return it to our office located at: 2455 Carmichael Drive, Chico, CA  95928

Sincerely, Nutrition Services, Chico Unified School District

We’ve worked hard over the summer to get ready for the school year. We’ve updated our menus and are serving some tasty new foods. We hope you’ll check out our new menus and let us know what you think!

School meals provide a foundation for the learning and health of Chico's kids

  • School meals provide over half of the daily recommended levels of key nutrients that children need to grow
  • Students that participate in school breakfast have improved academic and test performance compared to students that don’t eat breakfast or eat at home
  • Students that participate in school meals are less likely to be obese than their peers

School nutrition programs can help schools

  • School nutrition programs provide a natural classroom to teach nutrition and healthy eating habits which last a lifetime
  • State and federal grants for special education, after school programs and many other services uses school meal data to determine funding levels
  • Healthy participation in school nutrition programs improve the overall financial health of schools

School meals benefit families

  • Over 5,000 Chico children rely on free or reduced price school meals as their most consistent source of healthy meals
  • School nutrition programs help expose growing children to a wide variety of foods
  • No need to pack a lunch! School nutrition programs can provide healthy and hearty meals without the hassle of packing a lunch each day
Our Staff

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Feeding over 9,000 students every day takes a team of special people. Every morning greets them with new challenges and opportunities to make that day better than the one before. Each team members has their own special strengths and passions and have brought them  to Chico Unified Nutrition Services. Here are the personal stories from the team leaders that make Nutrition Services happen every day!
Vince Enserro

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Photo of vince
Director of Nutrition

I have been in the food service industry for 25 years.  I am a classically trained Chef and worked many years in high end country clubs and hotels.  I made the transition to school nutrition in 2000,  I find greatest satisfaction knowing we provide our student guest with health hand made fun food.  

Tracy Franklin

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Photo of tracy

Senior Account Clerk

After many years of working in various areas of food service, I started working for CUSD Nutrition Services in 2000.   I had the pleasure of working in most of our school cafeterias, where I built lasting relationships with students and staff. I joined the Nutrition office staff in 2009 where I was then given the opportunity to provide support in the day to day needs of our fantastic team- from the cafeteria staff that are at the front lines, to my fellow coworkers and teammates behind the scenes. I am the primary contact for questions and concerns regarding the application process for free and reduced-price meals, your student’s eligibility, account activity, payments and balances.
Teri Molina

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Picture of Teri Molina

Nutrition Supervisor

I have been with Chico Unified Nutrition Department since 1991.  I started working with CUSD as a Cafeteria Asst. and moved on to Satellite Manager, Secondary Manager, Secondary Coordinator, and now I am working as one of our Nutrition Supervisors. I love my job and enjoy working to help make our department the best.

I have seen a lot of changes in our department over the past 29 years and they have been all great.  We are continuing to improve our department each year and I look forward to another year.  

Celia Bianco

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Photo with dog

Senior Account Clerk

I have been part of the Nutrition Services team since 2007.  I run the substitute assignment desk for our 92 positions and am responsible for accounts receivable and other accounting duties.   I am also the primary contact person for our catering services, so if you want anything from cupcakes for your child’s classroom to a specialty dinner, please contact me.
Karen Haselton

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Photo of karen

Nutrition Supervisor

I have worked for CUSD nutrition since 1989.  I started out working as a Cafeteria Assistant.  I have also worked as Cashier book keeper, Manager,  Elementary Nutrition Coordinator and now Nutrition Supervisor. I have worked at Elementary, junior High and High Schools sites.  I have seen a lot of changes in our department over the past 30 years and they have been all great.  We are continuing to improve our department each year and I look forward to another year.  Thank you for supporting us by allowing your student to come and eat meals with us.


Director of Nutrition Services VInce Enserro 891-3000 x20701
Nutrition Specialist -Karen Haselton
891-3000 x 20705
Account Clerk Tracy Franklin 891-3000 x 20702
Account Clerk Celia Bianco 891-3000 x 20703
Warehouse Coordinator Errin Norlie 891-3000 x20708
Warehouse Coordinator Shawn Lavin 891-3000 x20715
Elementary Coordinator
Nutrition Surpervisor Teri Molina 891-3000 x 20706
Chico High School Tina Smith 891-3026 x362
Pleasant Valley High School Dru Carroll 891-2805
Fairview High School Open 891-3127 x 108
Bidwell Jr. High School Kim Eckes 891-3080 x170
Chico Jr. High School Denise Bell-Corona 891-3066 x278
Hank Marsh Jr. High School Thomas Hoffman 895-4110
Chapman Elementary   Polly Jones 895-4093
Citrus Elementary Katrina Simmons 891-3107 x141
Hooker Oak Elementary Open 891-3228 x108
John McManus Elementary Kim Evans 891-3128 x109
Marigold/Loma Vista Elementary Elsie Yates 891-3122 x140
Neal Dow Elementary  Sydney Chairez 891-3113 x109
Little Chico Creek Elementary Debbie Bingham 891-3285 x206
Parkview Elementary   Karen Cheney 891-3115 x137
Emma Wilson Elementary Kayla Yuhnke 891-3235
Rosedale Elementary Jodie Cooke 891-3104 x106
Shasta Elementary   C. Renee Poe 891-3141 x 20712
Sierra View Elementary Marisa Loughlin 891-3187