Classroom Catering for Parties ~ Cookies, Cupcakes and More!

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Classroom Catering for Parties ~ Cookies, Cupcakes and More!

Nutrition Services can provide cookies, cupcakes, or pizza for a classroom party! You can order a special treat for your child’s birthday or other event by clicking on the button below and filling out the order form. Please check with your child’s teacher before scheduling a party to avoid interfering with classroom activities. Also, please order at least ten days before the party. You will be contacted after turning in the form to Nutrition Services, so be sure to include your phone number and email. If you have questions, please contact Chelsea at or (530) 891-3000 ext 20745.
If you are a CUSD teacher or staff member and want to order a party paid out of district funds, do not fill out this form. It is for use by the public only. Please talk to your site office manager or contact Chelsea in Nutrition Services.  
Healthy Snack Calculator for Classroom Parties
The Governing Board of Chico Unified School District (CUSD) recognizes the link between student health and learning. Children and youth that begin each day as healthy individuals are more receptive to the learning experience and more likely to succeed now and in the future. We ask parents and teachers to comply by only offering/providing current Smart Snacks Federal and State regulations (Healthy Calculator) healthy foods for all school related activities, including classroom parties. The district requests that all persons bringing food on campus intended to share with others to adhere to the healthy calculator prior to bringing food on campus. Class parties or other food related celebrations shall be held after the lunch period when possible.  Thank you for your cooperation.
Please see Smart Snack Requirements for USDA compliance.
Healthy Calculator
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Questions? Call or Email Chelsea James at or 891-3000 x20745
Wellness Policy

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Wellness Policy

Chico Unified School District Wellness Policy
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