Free breakfast and lunch meal served at every school site daily.
Curbside meals will be offered for students who are distance learning, at OAk Bridge Acamdey located on the Chico Mall. Meals will be available for pick up Monday-Friday from 11am-1pm
Starting October 19th, CUSD Nutrition Services will be providing FREE curbside meals for all distance learning students at Oak Bridge Academy located on the Chico Mall. Meals will be available for pick up Monday-Friday from 11:00am-1:00pm. Meals for Saturdays and Sundays will be handed out on Fridays. See you there! 
Our nutrition team strives to use as many local vendors as possible for our fresh fruits, vegetables, proteins, milk and dairy. We have our own bakery with three professional bakers that produce many of our breakfast items such as muffins, cinnamon rolls, and muffin tops!

Why Is School Nutrition Important?

School meals provide a foundation for the learning and health of Chico's kids
  • School meals provide over half of the daily recommended levels of key nutrients that children need to grow
  • Students that participate in school breakfast have improved academic and test performance compared to students that don't eat breakfast or eat at home
  • Students that participate in school meals are less likely to be obese than their peers
School nutrition programs can help schools
  • School nutrition programs provide a natural classroom to teach nutrition and healthy eating habits which last a lifetime
  • State and federal grants for special education, after school programs and many other services uses school meal data to determine funding levels
  • Healthy participation in school nutrition programs improve the overall financial health of schools
School meals benefit families
  • Over 5,000 Chico children rely on free or reduced price school meals as their most consistent source of healthy meals
  • School nutrition programs help expose growing children to a wide variety of foods
  • No need to pack a lunch! School nutrition programs can provide healthy and hearty meals without the hassle of packing a lunch each day