GATE at Chico Unified School District

WHAT IS Chico Unified School District’s (CUSD) GATE Program?  CUSD provides two self-contained classes for the GATE Program, one each for fourth and fifth grades, located at Parkview School.   GATE students in the Junior High and High schools have different options, depending on the campus; including Honors, Advanced Placement, Butte College Connection, High School Scholars (CSUC), and International Baccalaureate (these do not require CUSD GATE eligibility, but may have other entry criteria). GATE classes seek to enrich and extend the education of gifted students in a variety of ways, including adjusting the pace and depth of instruction and discussion, and additional thematic investigations.   Additional instruction and investigations within grade-level curricula are emphasized rather than acceleration through grades.

WHO ARE THE GIFTED? ... Statistically speaking, "gifted" students are those who score in the top 2% on tests of intelligence. In California, school districts determine their own eligibility standards for GATE programs (so "giftedness" is sometimes a matter of geography!). CUSD uses ability (intelligence) test scores to determine eligibility.  CUSD has identified GATE students from diverse populations, including English-learners, ethnic minorities, and special needs. 

Always good to remember.......
Many factors affect group test scores (the GATE testing is group testing), including age and experience of the student, work speed, and attitude toward testing, so scores may not always reflect a student's true potential.  CUSD attempts to adjust for these inequities when possible, but individual testing is not possible.  Private testing is available in the community, and the GATE office maintains a list of professionals licensed to do such testing; parents may wish to contact them regarding fees and services.
Also good to remember...
Giftedness" is defined as the top 2 of any 100 students... many students will be well above average but not in that 2%.  It is not possible to "flunk" the GATE test! 

For further information and research about GATE can be found on the National Association for Gifted Children website:


 What’s New!  

GATE Testing for 2017-2018

GATE testing is online using the OLSAT-8 Assessment for all currently enrolled Chico Unified School District third grade students during January and February, 2018.   This test will be offered to your third grader at no cost to you.  In November 2017 all current CUSD third grade parents will be notified by mail of this assessment opportunity.  Through this letter parents will have the opportunity to Opt Out of this test if they do not wish their child to take the assessment.

For all GATE questions, call the CUSD GATE Contact, Barbara Akimoto:   or   891-3000, ext 173.

GATE Teachers 2017-2018
All elementary GATE classes are at Parkview School

4th grade: Peter Pembroke

5th grade: Tammy Janos


Chico Unified School District will host a free GATE Assessment test for Chico area Charter School and Private School 3rd graders at the Chico Unified School District Office, Large Conference Room, 1163 E. 7th Street, on Tuesday, March 6th at 3:30-4:30.   This opportunity is only for 3rd graders from outside CUSD Schools.  All CUSD students will test online with their 3rd grade teachers during the school day.  Please contact Barbara Akimoto at or 891-3000 x 173, to sign up for the 3/6 date.