Chico Unified School District
A Seamless Transition from TK-12
  • Choices
  • Community
  • Creativity

Individual student academic success via a TK-12 sequence of teaching, learning, assessment and support.
  • Choices in academic programs contribute to student growth.
  • The arts provide a creative outlet for students.
  • Athletic programs bring the community together.


Students have choices in our academic programs that promote further development and growth.

The Gifted and Talented Education program aims to enhance and broaden every student's education.  Our GATE option is a self-contained class.  CUSD features a number of themed schools, including Hands-on Thematic Learning Community Program, Two-Way Spanish Immersion Program and Academics Plus.

Connections between students and teachers are fostered through the promotion of small, safe and successful learning environments at our elementary schools. Options for high school students are International Baccalaureate, Career Tech, Advanced Placement, Alternative Education and Butte College Connection.

Students have ample opportunity to use technology-rich curriculums while participating in challenging instructional environments. Our commitment to excellence is evident with students achieving National Merit Scholar status. Honors our district has received include State Model Programs, California Distinguished Schools and National Blue Ribbon designation. 


The arts provide a creative outlet for students throughout our CUSD's TK-12 programs.

Students are involved in diverse classes that support development of individual artistic expression. The Fine Arts Program, offered in elementary grades, includes literature, music, drama, art and dance.

The junior high school music program encourages students to work side by side with trained music teachers. Students learn to fine-tune their individual talent, perform in public and have fun throughout the process.

In high school, students begin to explore their options for the future. Visual and performing arts, such as drama and dance, provide opportunities to explore new passions and possible career paths. Our high schools, accredited by Western Association of Schools and Colleges, have a variety of award-winning programs in the arts.


Our athletic programs invite the community to celebrate young talent and show support for local teams.

Students can attain a healthy lifestyle and build unforgettable bonds through participation in sports.

Junior high schools have developed intramurals and club sports to keep students active. From "Shoot-A-Thons" supporting basketball to a full-fledged Outdoor Club, the CUSD has something available for every student to help promote fitness and health.

In high school, students can become involved in various athletics, including volleyball, field hockey, basketball, baseball, football, track and more. With hard work and determination, students can excel in any of these activities. Both Pleasant Valley High School and Chico High School have earned multiple section championships in sports.

Whether an active participant or cheering in the stands, involvement in athletics brings our community together to take pride in another aspect of student achievement.