Due Dates

Intra- and Inter-district transfer applications for 2018-19 are available
December 4, 2017
for the upcoming school year. Applications are due
January 12, 2018

Intra-District Transfers

The CUSD Board of Education endorses the neighborhood school concept. The Board recognizes, however, that parents may wish to choose a school of attendance other than their neighborhood school. The Board of Education believes that parental choice should be included as an integral feature of a well-rounded educational environment.

Neighborhood school attendance areas are established to optimize use of existing facilities. Requests for intra-district transfers may be made because of personal preference based on many different reasons including special programs, needs of the family or child, after-school activities, instructional philosophy, location, specific child or family needs, etc. These requests are approved on a space available basis on set dates (e.g., the beginning of the school year or the beginning of a semester). If approved, the parent will assume responsibility for all transportation of the student to and from school.

Students who transfer from one high school to another during their four years of schooling may have eligibility problems concerning athletics. Parents and students should contact the athletic directors before assuming that the student is automatically eligible to participate.

Inter-District Transfers

The District has a primary responsibility to meet the educational needs of students residing inside the Chico Unified School District boundaries with a parent, legal guardian or other person having legal control or charge of the student and, under specified conditions, a responsibility to meet the educational needs of some students residing outside the District's boundaries.

Students residing outside the District who meet District residency requirements may be allowed to enroll in District schools.  Consistent with California Education Code provisions, a student residing outside a given school district's boundaries may meet the State's residency requirements for that district and may be legally enrolled.  Residency requirements for the C.U.S.D. may be met by a non-district student:

  1. who is placed inside school district boundaries in a regularly established licensed children's institution, or a licensed foster home or a family home, pursuant to the Welfare and Institutions Code;
  2. for whom an inter-district student attendance agreement has been approved;
  3. whose residence is located within the boundaries of the District and whose parent/legal guardian is relieved of responsibility, control and authority through emancipation;
  4. whose parent/legal guardian has established the residence of the student in a properly licensed home located within the District's boundaries;
  5. who is residing in a state hospital located within the boundaries of the District.
  6. who is elementary school age and one or both of her/his parents/legal guardians is employed within the boundaries of the District.

To appropriately meet the needs of all students, the District will consider each written Inter-District Student Attendance Application that is submitted by a parent or legal guardian.  Parents/legal guardians residing within the CUSD attendance boundaries who wish their child to attend a school outside the District boundaries or parents/legal guardians residing outside the CUSD attendance boundaries who wish their child to attend a CUSD school  may submit an Inter-District Student Attendance Application.  Transportation will generally not be provided for students on inter-district agreements