CUSD Guidelines for Parent Involvement

Parents are encouraged to be involved in their children's education. Each school includes in its school based coordinated plan a parent involvement component that provides parents with opportunities to be involved in information and training sessions to: support their child's academic efforts at school and home; help parents develop parenting skills; build consistent and effective home-school communications; and integrate parent involvement programs into the school plan. Parent volunteers are a valued addition to the educational program. Volunteers are required to check in at the office before proceeding to a classroom.

Schools request that families and schools join in a partnership to promote student success. Students are asked to pledge to:
  • work as hard as I can on my school assignments.
  • tell my parents what I am learning in school.
  • always ask my teacher for help when I don't understand something.
  • follow my school's rules and dress code.
  • limit my television watching and read books instead.
  • read for at least twenty minutes per day.
  • be respectful to all students and adults at school.

Parents are asked to pledge to:
  • provide a quiet study time for my child and encourage quality in the completion of all assignments.
  • talk with my child about his/her school activities every day.
  • know how my child is progressing by attending conferences, looking at school work, talking to teachers and being involved with the school.
  • encourage my child to read by reading to him/her every day and by reading myself.
  • limit my child's television viewing and help select worthwhile programs.
  • assure that my child attends school regularly, arrives on time, and is ready to learn.
  • help my child understand and follow the school's rules and dress code.
  • insist that my child be respectful to all students and adults at school.
  • encourage my child to read for at least twenty minutes per day.

In the Chico Unified School District, parent involvement means a whole range of options and choices.  Whether it is making sure that your child is well fed, well rested and attends school regularly, or volunteering your time to assist in a classroom, or taking an active role in serving on district committees helping to shape policy - all are valued activities and all help students to be academically successful.