Tackling a grant might seem daunting, especially if you have never done it before.  We have assembled some resources to help you.  In addition, the district currently has a grant writer who can read your proposal, offer friendly critique, and help shape the planning and thinking process.

Before You Begin Writing

  • Complete a Project Planning Form (recommended).  This will help you crystallize your thinking and be sure that your proposal addresses the key elements that most funders look for.
  • Using the results of your project planning form, check for open grant competitions on our site, or through many other online sites.

While You Are Writing

  • Need data on the school or the district? Find it here.
  • Contact our district grants coordinator for advice and consultation in grant proposal preparation.

When You Have Finished

Be sure that you have included the required indirect costs in the budget calculations (the rate is set by the state: read more about it here).

Contact John Bohannon to arrange for any required signatures from the district.

Whether or not signatures are required, send a copy of the completed grant application to John at the District Office.