District, County, State General Performance and Outcome Data

The California Department of Education's website has links to sites where you can collect data at the school level, district level, or county level on attendance, discipline, grades, test scores, demographics, and many other things.  Info can also be collected from past years.  Access these sites at

Ed Data:  http://www.ed-data.k12.ca.us/welcome.asp
Chico Unified School District Data Profile

General CDE data site (includes info on STAR results, API, and AYP): http://www.cde.ca.gov/ds/

District-Specific Data and Resources

The following documents are central to the district's mission and activities. Any activities you propose through a grant proposal should be consistent with these documents. Tying in with district goals as outlined here will also help with the sustainability of your program when the grant funding expires.

Ed Tech Plan
E-Rate Information
LEA Plan
District Vision and Mission Statements