These grants are typically for projects on a larger scale than foundation grants--schoolwide or even districtwide programs. Allow ample planning time, preferably with representatives of everyone who will be affected by the program--teachers, administrators, students, parents, community partners, business partners, etc. If your grant writing experience is limited, consider contacting district grants personnel for tips on getting started.

Remember, too, that many of these grants are repeated each year--so if you don't have enough time to plan and write a strong proposal one year (or if your proposal is rejected), you can ask for feedback from the reviewers and try again the following year.

To best track open state and federal government grant competitions, link to the following sites:

*Federal Grants Website
(one-stop shopping for all federal grants.  Includes a tool to search for open grants by category)
Federal Register Online  (all government grant competitions are posted here)
US Department of Education (links to open opportunites)
US Department of Education (forecast of upcoming opportunities)
*US Department of Education (grants overview)
Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA)

*California Department of Education grants link (open grant competitions, awards, projected funding, and a guide to writing effective proposals)