Internet Content Filtering

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Chico Unified School District uses a technology protection measure that blocks or filters Internet access to some Internet sites that are not in accordance with the policy of CUSD.
The technology protection measure that blocks or filters internet access may be modified by our ISP (Butte County Office of Education) through a request to the CUSD Director of Information Technology or to the Information Services Supervisor.  Also, an Information Services staff member, a site administrator (or designee) or any CUSD library media teacher may temporarily override the technology protection measure that blocks or filters internet access to a site with legitimate educational value. 
The following is the list of filtering categories developed originally by a CUSD committee of stakeholders, to provide a balance between appropriate and inappropriate access to information on the Internet as per CUSD Board Policy 0440.1. 

  Allow Block
Threats and Liability
Adult Content
Child Porn   X
Explicit Art   X
Obscene/Tasteless   X
Pornography/Adult Content   X
R-rated   X
Criminal Skills   X
Dubious/Unsavory   X
Hate   X
Illegal Drugs   X
School Cheating   X
Terrorist   X
Bad Reputation Domains   X
Botnet   X
Hacking   X
Malicious Code   X
Phishing   X
Spyware   X
Web Proxies   X
Image Server   X
Internet Radio X  
Peer-to-Peer (P2P) File Sharing   X
Streaming Media X  
Video Sharing   X
Voice Over IP (VoIP)   X
Web Storage   X
Internet Communication
Chat   X
Instant Messaging (IM) X  
Message Boards   X
Online Communities   X
Web E-mail X  
Web Logs X  
Web-based Productivity Applications X  
Internet Productivity
Adware   X
Banner Ads   X
Dynamic DNS   X
Fantasy Sports   X
Free Hosting   X
Remote Access   X
Web Hosts   X

General Productivity
Business X  
Employment X  
Financial X  
Online Trading/Brokerage X  
Real Estate X  
Community Organizations X  
Local Community X  
Education X  
Education Cheating   X
Educational Games X  
Online Classes X  
Reference X  
Art X  
Comics X  
Entertainment X  
Gambling   X
Games   X
Humor X  
Kids - Kid Friendly Sites X  
Movies & Television X  
Music X  
Online Greeting Cards X  
Restaurants/Dining X  
Theater X  
Government X  
Legal X  
Military Appreciation X  
Military-Official X  
Political Opinion X  
Fitness X  
Health X  
Holistic X  
Self Help X  
Information Technology
Freeware/Shareware X  
Information Technology X  
Internet Service Providers X  
Portals X  
Search Engines X  
Web-based Newsgroups X  
Impose Force Safe Search X  

Domain Landing   X
Edge Content Server / Infrastructure X  
Intranet/Internal Servers X  
Invalid Web Pages   X
Reviewed/Miscellaneous X  
News X  
Sports X  
Weather/Traffic X  
Paranormal X  
Religion X  
Classifieds X  
Online Auction X  
Online Greeting Cards X  
Shopping X  
Alcohol   X
Animals/Pets X  
Books & Literature/Writings X  
Personals/Dating   X
Drugs   X
Fashion X  
Lifestyle X  
Recreation X  
Self-Defense X  
Social Opinion X  
Tobacco   X
Weapons   X
Tickets X  
Travel X  
Vehicles X  

Internet Safety

Internet_Safety iconInternet Safetytitle

To comply with the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA), on 6/30/02, CUSD implemented a program of filtering Internet sites at all CUSD school sites.  

For those of you who are unfamiliar with filtering:

The Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) is a federal law enacted by Congress to address concerns about access to offensive content over the Internet on school and library computers. CIPA imposes certain types of requirements on any school or library that receives funding for Internet access or internal connections from the E-rate program - a program that makes certain communications technology more affordable for eligible schools and libraries. In early 2001, the FCC issued rules implementing CIPA.  The school or library must also certify that it is enforcing the operation of such filtering or blocking technology during any use of such computers by minors.

For more info, see:

The initial categories to be filtered were determined by a CUSD/staff/parent/citizen committee during the summer of 2001.  Since we had been in a filtering free environment from the beginning of Internet use at CUSD, the committee chose to filter VERY FEW categories.  Some blocked categories are HATE/DISCRIMINATION, ILLEGAL, PORN, NUDITY, SCHOOL CHEATING INFO, etc.

What is required for CUSD?

• Schools and libraries subject to CIPA may not receive the discounts offered by the E-rate program unless they certify that they have an Internet safety policy that includes technology protection measures. The protection measures must block or filter Internet access to pictures that are: (a) obscene; (b) child pornography; or (c) harmful to minors (for computers that are accessed by minors). Before adopting this Internet safety policy, schools and libraries must provide reasonable notice and hold at least one public hearing or meeting to address the proposal.

• Schools subject to CIPA are required to adopt and enforce a policy to monitor online activities of minors.

• Schools and libraries subject to CIPA are required to adopt and implement an Internet safety policy addressing: (a) access by minors to inappropriate matter on the Internet; (b) the safety and security of minors when using electronic mail, chat rooms and other forms of direct electronic communications; (c) unauthorized access, including so-called "hacking," and other unlawful activities by minors online; (d) unauthorized disclosure, use, and dissemination of personal information regarding minors; and (e) measures restricting minors' access to materials harmful to them.

If you have questions about our Acceptable Use Policy/Procedure, the CIPA law, or compliance issues, please contact:
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