Job Opportunities

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Internal Openings

The following internal openings are now available.  Click on the job in which you are interested to view the Lateral Transfer or Limited Term notice.
Internal openings are available only to current CUSD permanent classified employees.  If you are a current CUSD permanent classified employee and are interested in any internal opening, click here for the Letter of Interest form.
If you do not currently hold a permanent classified position with CUSD, you are not eligible to submit a letter of interest.
Chico High 12/7/2017
Campus Supervisor Marsh Jr High 12/7/2017
Office Assistant Pleasant Valley High 12/7/2017
Instructional Assistant-Computers Marsh Jr High  12/8/2017
Instructional Paraprofessional Hooker Oak 12/7/2017
Instructional Paraprofessional Citrus  12/8/2017
School Bus Driver-Type 1 Transportation 12/7/2017
Campus Supervisor Marsh Jr High 12/12/2017
Custodian Chico High 12/12/2017
Instructional Paraprofessional Loma Vista 12/12/2017
Sr Custodian Bidwell Jr High 12/12/2017
Wildflower 12/13/2017
Targeted Case Mgr-Spanish/English Various 12/20/2017

School Aide-Exempt and Parent Restricted Aide

Job Opportunities for the Classifications of

School Aide-Exempt* and Parent Restricted Aide**


Please visit specific school site web pages for information regarding job opportunities in the School Aide-Exempt or Parent Restricted Aide classifications.  These classifications are recruited and hired by the school site administrator.


*School Aide-Exempt (Yard Duty and/or Bus Duty @ Elementary School Sites)

**Parent Restricted Aide (Must be the parent of a student at the school site at which you work)