Edgenuity will be the platform for the majority of the classes on your student’s schedule. Attached is a link that explains more about Edgenuity and what your student and you can expect. Virtual Learning Basics At-Home Support for Virtual Learning  

In addition to Edgenuity some classes may be using additional on-line platforms.  Our teachers are committed to ensuring that as we get started with on-line learning this year all students will have the tools they need and the support to be successful.  

Chico Unified School District has chosen a schedule that will support students by not overwhelming them.  Students will focus on 3 classes per day starting at 8:30am.





Families without Internet may find the following options useful.


Securly is a cloud based web filter that Chico Unified uses to meet the Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) compliance with our student Chromebooks on and off our network.  Some of the features of the Securly Parent Portal are the ability to view browsing history and block access to additional websites.


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