Enrollment Options for the 2020/21 School Year

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Enrollment Options for the 2020/21 School Year

Families will receive a data confirmation request asking you to log into your Parent/Guardian Portal and update contact information for the 2020/21 school year. If you complete the data confirmation, you will be choosing to remain at your currently enrolled school*. During this time, you will have the opportunity to transfer your child to Oak Bridge Academy** INSTEAD of your continuing in your child's currently enrolled school. Families who choose to transfer to Oak Bridge Academy will have an opportunity to complete the data confirmation request at a later time. By completing the "K-12 Oak Bridge Academy Enrollment Request", your family is committing to an online learning independent study program (regardless of the Governor's stages of re-opening).
Please note: All special education students requesting Oak Bridge Academy will be reviewed to ensure that the student will benefit from the Oak Bridge Model. Students needing more intensive support and specialized curriculum will be enrolled in a modified online instructional platform with their special education teacher and service providers.
Choice 1 - *Currently Enrolled School (Either your neighborhood school, School of Choice or the already approved Form 10 school)
  • Families may choose to continue instruction at their current school.
  • Students will be assigned a teacher from their school.
  • The school’s instructional model may change throughout the year based on the current Stage (determined by the Governor/Butte County Health Department)
    • Four instructional models were approved (one for each Stage of re-opening) and adopted by the Board of Education
  • If Butte County is placed on the monitoring list, and the school year begins with online instruction, it will be much more academically rigorous and VASTLY different than the 48-hour emergency transition to distance learning we experienced last spring.
Choice 2 - **Oak Bridge Academy (Online Independent Study Program)
  • Oak Bridge Academy is an online independent study school.
  • Students will follow the curriculum and be assigned an Oak Bridge Academy instructor (who they will meet with weekly – or more if they deem additional help is needed).
  • Families who choose Oak Bridge Academy are committing to online instruction (regardless of the Governor’s stages of re-opening) for the first trimester (at the elementary level) or semester (at the secondary level).
    • Students may have an opportunity to transition back to their neighborhood school at the trimester/semester if space is available.
    • For families who previously utilized a Form 10, we will work to accommodate a return to the Form 10 school to the best of our ability if space is available. If space is not available, families may have an opportunity to transfer from Oak Bridge Academy to their neighborhood school (if space is available at the trimester/semester).