Lockdown Information

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A vast majority of the school lockdowns within Chico Unified are a result of a precautionary request from the Chico Police Department or out of respect for student privacy within our Student Support Services Department.
These precautionary lockdowns are considered Code Yellow Lockdowns. Code Yellow Lockdowns are often brief and instruction continues within the classroom during this time.
In the event of a safety concern occurring directly on campus, a Code Red Lockdown will be issued. Most Code Red Lockdowns are quickly resolved. Notification is sent after all students and staff are safely secured, and due to the short lockdown time, the notification will often be sent after the lockdown has been cleared.
In the Event of a Lockdown

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In the Event of a Lockdown

If an incident occurs at a school, we ask that parents do not go directly to the school. 
  • Keeping clear access for emergency vehicles is essential - possibly a matter of life or death - and we depend upon your cooperation to help make this possible.
  • Please avoid calling your child's school during a crisis, since very likely the call cannot be answered. We need to keep the school phone lines open for emergency support contacts.
In times of emergency, a variety of local media will be used to provide information. Parents should tune into local major radio and television stations, call the district office at (530) 891-3000, ext. 20998 or visit our website for emergency updates and information.
Please ensure your current phone numbers and email address is up-to-date in your Aeries Parent Portal for accurate and timely messages can be sent directly to you regarding emergency situations.
Emergency Information

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Chico Unified School District maintains an active District Incident Response Team (DIRT). In the event of a major emergency situation (flooding, fire, intruder, earthquake or other natural disaster) the DIRT Team will be mobilized and an information resource will be provided on the Chico Unified website.
Emergency preparations are in place, and if students need to be removed from campus due to safety concerns, a reunification site will be provided to parents with our district-wide communication system and our website.

Question? Concerns?

We believe in being prepared to the best of our ability.
If you have safety questions or concerns, we encourage you to reach out to your school's principal or call the Chico Unified District Office at (530) 891-3000.