Elizabeth Griffin

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Elected: 2008, 2012, 2016
Term of Office Expires: 2020

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I was
born in upstate New York the fifth of seven children; my family moved to southern California when I was 11. I came to Butte County in 1980 and worked as a legal secretary to support myself through college. I graduated from CSU Chico in 1988 magna cum laude with a BA in Social Science and earned secondary level teaching credentials in Social Science and English. I taught at Chico High School for two-and-a-half years and then completed two years of law school. I am married and have two grown children who graduated from Chico High School.

After several years volunteering in the community,  I began to work with a local non-profit, first as an in-home parent educator, then moved on to design and teach parenting classes and manage a literacy program and a  support program for relative caregivers. In 2000 I was hired by Butte County Children's Services and assumed responsibility for the county's Foster Care Licensing Program. I managed that program and taught parenting classes before joining the staff of the Butte County Children & Families Commission in 2007 as their School Readiness Coordinator. My goal is to support a brighter future for all of Chico's children through quality education and I am proud to serve as a School Board Trustee.
Dr. Kathleen E. Kaiser

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Photo of Board Member Kathleen Kaiser
Vice President
Elected:  2006, 2010, 2014, 2018              

Term of Office Expires:  2022
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Kathleen Kaiser, Ph.D., Duke University; B.A., Florida State University and member of CSU, Chico's faculty since 1972. Outstanding Faculty Service Award, Governor appointee to CSU BOT, CPEC Commissioner, past Statewide Academic Senator, Children's Choir of Chico, PTSO at Marsh Jr. High. Children and grandchildren attended CUSD and Montessori schools. Volunteer work: Chico Velo, Chico Running Club, numerous campus and community activities.

As a district, we are committed to all children's academic preparation and success. College prep is supposed to start with 8th grade; high school success is measured by 10th grade level work; however, second languages, performing arts, essential math and English skills are mandatory for college entrance. All our children must be prepared by their academic and social experiences in our schools to be successful adults in a global and diverse economy. I am committed to serve your children and our community with integrity in this most important area - our school district.
Linda Hovey

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Elected: 2012, 2016
Term of Office Expires: 2020

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Originally from the east coast, I am a product of the New York State Regents system of public education. In 1979, I met my husband who is a fourth generation Chico man and have made my home in Butte County ever since. We have four children and seven grandchildren, all of whom have been part of public school education. I have seen many changes in education over the last thirty years.


My formal education is in accounting, however, I took a path which led me to work in social services for fifteen years. I began in the arena of public assistance programs then transitioned to employment and training services. I was part of the team charged with the implementation of the One Stop Employment Centers in Butte County. Although I worked in all employment and training programs, my specialty was working with teenagers. I provided summer job placement and case management. In addition, I worked with at risk youth to provide career assessment, vocational training, life skills, job placement and completion of their diploma or GED.


When my youngest daughter began kindergarten at a small charter school in Chico, I assumed the role of business manager for this growing school. My primary duty was to keep the school financially sound by developing realistic budgets and overseeing expenditures. I compiled a variety of complex district, state and federal reports and assured compliance in all fiscal areas. Working side by side with the school directors, I gained knowledge in many subjects pertinent to a public school setting including (but not limited to) general operations, personnel, Special Education, enrollment, education code, facilities and standardized testing. When I retired from this position in 2011, I felt that I had a unique set of skills to bring to the Chico Unified School Board.


I strongly believe in the role of public education in developing citizens who will be successful in the 21st century workplace. Our schools should provide the best education possible for all students while preparing them for work, vocational or technical training, or college. Furthermore, I believe the district has an obligation to be as efficient as possible with our limited education dollars, while at the same time taking care to provide innovation in our program delivery and safe facilities for our students.

Eileen Robinson

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Elected:  2010, 2014, 2018       

Term of Office Expires:  2022
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I am native to the Chico area, having grown up on a small dairy to the west of Hamilton City. Small country schools gave me a great education, for which I am grateful. My four daughters all graduated from Chico schools.

I first became involved with Chico Unified as my children entered kindergarten. It must have been a calling because once I became a volunteer, I never left the district. I found a role as an employee and also continued to work on district planning committees and other projects. I attended many board meeting throughout my thirty-five years as a volunteer and employee,Upon my retirement in 2002, I felt a sense of disconnection, of not being as much a participant as I had once been, so I decided it was time to reconnect and run for the Board of Education.

The district has gone through its trials and tribulations in recent years, but it has survived. I am looking forward to serving the district in my new role and will commit my time, energy and experience to saving those programs that are strong and working to provide a variety of educational options to all students. I will also explore ways to add new programs and restore others that have been cut because of fiscal constraints and declining enrollment.

I look forward to communicating regularly with parents and community members who are interested in supporting our great public school system. I am committed to establishing an atmosphere of openness and teamwork with all the district's employees and an all-encompassing attitude that welcomes everyone to the world of support for our youth by providing the very best educational opportunities available.
Tom Lando

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Photo of Board Member Tom Lando
Elected:  2018       

Term of Office Expires:  2022
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I was raised in Chico, and educated in Chico Unified schools, and am grateful for - and proud of - the education I received here. I graduated from Chico State with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, and then returned to CSUC for my multiple subject credential, and again for a single-subject credential in Social Studies. My wife and I live with our two children in Chico.
Education is my passion. I have been employed as a special education aide, technology teacher, history teacher, and education coordinator. I am a fervent believer in the mission of public education to create citizens who are not only educated and work-ready, but have a firm sense of their place in the world, and their ability to create positive change. I am excited to work with the board, district staff, students, and the community at large to further that mission.