Caitlin Dalby

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Board Member Dalby
Board President
Elected:  2020        
Term of Office Expires:  2024
Currently Serving At Large (Resides in Trustee Area 5)
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I was born and raised just up the mountain from Chico in the small timber town of Chester, California. My family roots in that area can be traced back as far back as the 1800's. My extended family in the Lake Almanor basin is made up of blue-collar workers: building contractors, small business owners, nurses, teachers, wildland firefighters, members of the military, food services workers, a forester, an engineer, as well as stay-at-home parents. I have grown up understanding the many perspectives of people and believe our local representation should reflect the diversity of its constituents.
I graduated from Chester Jr/Sr High School in 2003 and attended UC Davis to earn my Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology. After completing my undergraduate studies in 2007, I moved back to Chester and began coaching basketball and substitute teaching. Excited by working with our youth every day, I decided to further my career working with teens and became a science teacher. I attended CSU Chico for my teaching credential and completed my certification as an intern at Chester Jr/Sr High school. I spent 4 years teaching 7-12th grade science in a variety of courses in nearly every scientific topic. In 2013 I moved to Chico to teach at Marsh Junior High School, where I have continuously grown in my profession and as a teacher-leader in our community. In 2019, I completed my Master of Science degree in Land Resources and Environmental Science from Montana State University. My focus was on timber land management and watershed restoration. The program was primarily online, and that gave me a whole new perspective on how to best teach my students, as well as perspective for what the potential holds for remote learning.
While many challenges have occurred in our society this year, 2020 has presented opportunities for self-reflection and growth among all the changes to our everyday lives. A bright point during this time was the birth of my daughter in February, and I am excited as to what the positive changes may mean for her future. I have always been a champion of the people, lending my voice to those who feel they don't have a place to speak or who may be too timid to stand up for themselves. I am not afraid to roll up my sleeves and go to work for something I believe in. I intend to do just that for our students, families, and staff of Chico Unified School district and by extension our Chico area communities during my term as a Governing Board Member.
Eileen Robinson

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Photo of Board Member Eileen Robinson
Board Vice President
Elected:  2010, 2014, 2018, 2022       

Term of Office Expires:  2026
Trustee Area 5
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I am native to the Chico area, having grown up on a small dairy to the west of Hamilton City. Small country schools gave me a great education, for which I am grateful. My four daughters all graduated from Chico schools.

I first became involved with Chico Unified as my children entered kindergarten. It must have been a calling because once I became a volunteer, I never left the district. I found a role as an employee and also continued to work on district planning committees and other projects. I attended many board meeting throughout my thirty-five years as a volunteer and employee,Upon my retirement in 2002, I felt a sense of disconnection, of not being as much a participant as I had once been, so I decided it was time to reconnect and run for the Board of Education.

The district has gone through its trials and tribulations in recent years, but it has survived. I am looking forward to serving the district in my new role and will commit my time, energy and experience to saving those programs that are strong and working to provide a variety of educational options to all students. I will also explore ways to add new programs and restore others that have been cut because of fiscal constraints and declining enrollment.

I look forward to communicating regularly with parents and community members who are interested in supporting our great public school system. I am committed to establishing an atmosphere of openness and teamwork with all the district's employees and an all-encompassing attitude that welcomes everyone to the world of support for our youth by providing the very best educational opportunities available.
Matt Tennis

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Photo of Board Member Matt Tennis
Board Clerk
Elected:  2020       
Term of Office Expires:  2024
Currently Serving At Large (Resides in Trustee Area 4)
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Born and raised in Chico, I grew up attending Parkview Elementary, Chico Junior, and Chico High.  I was actually a student at Parkview the year we got our mascot and became “Home of the Panthers.” As a young student I was a bit of a daydreamer and squirmed in my seat a lot. Later in Jr. High and High School I competed on the Chico High Ski Team.
After graduating from Chico High in 1991 I attended Chico State, where I ultimately graduated with a BA in Speech Communication in 1995. I spent my Junior year in college abroad, studying for one year at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where I studied Hebrew Language, Middle-Eastern politics and Middle-Eastern history. That year was very formative for me, allowing many opportunities to expand my personal horizons and see the world.
I am now a 3rd generation farmer who uses a shovel and many other tools and machines on an almost daily basis. I also in the past few years obtained my most impressive post-graduate credential, which was surprisingly difficult to obtain – A Class A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), which means I can drive big rigs!
I now live near downtown Chico with my lovely wife and our four beautiful children.  I serve on the Butte County Water Commission and the County Farm Bureau Board of Directors.  I’m very proud to serve on the Governing Board of the Chico Unified School District, and help shape our collective future through the powerful tool of education on the local level.
Tom Lando

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Photo of Board Member Tom Lando
Board Member
Elected:  2018, 2022       

Term of Office Expires:  2026
Trustee Area 4
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I was raised in Chico, and educated in Chico Unified schools, and am grateful for - and proud of - the education I received here. I graduated from Chico State with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, and then returned to CSUC for my multiple subject credential, and again for a single-subject credential in Social Studies. My wife and I live with our two children in Chico.
Education is my passion. I have been employed as a special education aide, technology teacher, history teacher, and education coordinator. I am a fervent believer in the mission of public education to create citizens who are not only educated and work-ready, but have a firm sense of their place in the world, and their ability to create positive change. I am excited to work with the board, district staff, students, and the community at large to further that mission.
Rebecca Konkin

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Photo of Board Trustee Konkin
Board Member
Elected:  2022      
Term of Office Expires:  2026
Trustee Area 1
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