Board Adopted Goals 2020/21 School Year


Goal 1

   Quality Teachers, Materials, and Facilities:  All CUSD students will have highly qualified teachers; current, standards-aligned instructional materials; current technology, and facilities in good repair.

Goal 2

    Fully Align Curriculum and Assessment with State Standards:  Provide professional development and teacher support to ensure that all CUSD students receive instruction in all subject areas fully aligned to the California State Standard and assessment that align with the new state standardized assessments.

Goal 3

     Support High Levels of Student Achievement in a Broad Range of Courses:  Provide all CUSD students the support and guidance to succeed in a broad range of challenging courses preparing them to successfully enter higher education and a viable career.

  • 2020-21 District Focus: Provide effective online learning that encompasses student mental health and parental and teacher supports.

Goal 4

   Provide Opportunities for Meaningful Parent Involvement and Input:  Chico Unified will increase parental involvement so parents may help their student to be successful academically, socially, and emotionally.

Goal 5

    Improve School Climate:  Chico Unified will implement strategies to improve school climate so that all students inclusive of all subgroups, will feel safe, supported, engaged and meaningfully challenged. 



The mission of the Chico Unified School District, a partnership of students, staff, families and community, is to ensure all students achieve high levels of academic and personal success, contribute to their community and confidently compete in a changing global society by engaging in quality educational programs that address diverse student needs and promote learning throughout life.
Chico Unified School District Expectations

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Chico Unified School District Expectations

In support of the Board adopted goals, Chico Unified staff will:
Remember that the most fundamental and important relationship in the teaching/learning process is that between the teacher and the student.
Demonstrate that all students are our students
    • Be responsible, individually and collectively, for each child’s success
    • Ensure that we meet the needs of all students
Provide positive learning environments, in and out of the classroom
Demonstrate that students and families are our first priority:
    • Focus on teacher-parent and school-family communications
    • Inform parents about their child’s progress on a regular basis
    • Return calls or emails from parents in a timely manner
Fully Implement Professional Learning Communities 
    • Focus instruction and collaboration on the following four questions:
      • What do we want students to know?
      • How do we know if students know it?
      • How do we respond when students do not know it?
      • How do we extend learning and provide enrichment when students do know it?
    • Collaborate with peers to improve teaching and learning
      • During weekly collaboration time
      • During department meetings, grade-level meetings, and other established site-level times
    • Teach to the adopted standards, utilizing state- and board-adopted instructional materials
    • Administer district- and site-level common assessments
    • Adjust instruction to improve learning, based on evidence gathered from classroom and common assessments
Monitor and adjust our district budget to ensure solvency, local control of our schools, and optimum benefit from the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF)