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We strive to offer educational programs and services that help your child become lifelong learners. We encourage you to get involved and explore the opportunities and courses available throughout Chico Unified School District.
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Form 10 & 11 Information

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Form 10 & 11 Information

Each school within Chico Unified School District has a unique campus and learning environment. We encourage you to explore your educational opportunities in our traditional and alternative programs.
If you are interested in attending a specific school, outside of your resident school, please submit a Form 10 to the Educational Services Department online.
Please note that Form 10 School of Choice applications are usually due in January for first priority placement opportunities in the following school year. You must still register at your resident school prior to submitting a Form 10.
The 2023-24 school year applications will be available beginning December 5, 2022.  They are due by January 20, 2023 in order to be included in the lottery.