All school age children between the ages of 6 and 18 years not exempted are required by law to attend school each day during the school year except for the following reasons:  
  • illness
  • quarantine (under the direction of the county health officer)
  • medical, dental, optometrical or chiropractic services (we ask that you schedule medical, dental, optometrical or chiropractic services after school or on non-school days whenever possible to limit your child's absences from school)
  • funeral services of a member of the immediate family
  • jury duty
  • appearance in court
  • observance obligations of a student's religion
  • attendance at religious retreats (not to exceed four hours per semester)
  • exclusion from school for health and safety reasons
  • employment conferences
  • or some other reason approved by the school principal

The only exception is when the educational needs are met through a legally acceptable alternative program.  Vacations should be scheduled during non-school days.

A student absent from school for one of the above acceptable reasons shall be allowed to complete all assignments and tests missed during the absence and shall be given full credit.

A parent/guardian is obligated by law to compel the student to attend school. A parent/guardian who fails to meet this obligation may be guilty of an infraction and subject to prosecution.

See Board Policy 5113, Absences and Excuses.