School Locator
Enter your address into our database to determine your child’s neighborhood elementary school, junior high school, and high school. If you are unable to find your address or have additional questions about attendance boundaries, please call (530) 891-3000.

Helpful Hints for Street Name Entry
  • Include the street direction (N, S, E, W) after the street name (e.g., Lassen Ave, E), unless it is a numbered street (e.g., E 1st Ave).
  • Do not include apartment numbers in the street name.
  • Use the following abbreviations for Street Suffixes:
    Street Suffixe Abbreviation
    Avenue Ave
    Boulevard Blvd
    Canyon Cyn
    Circle Cir
    Common Cmn
    Court Ct
    Creek Crk
    Drive Dr
    Estate Est
    Expressway Expy
    Freeway Fwy
    Highway Hwy
    Lane Ln
    Street Suffixe Abbreviation
    Loop Loop
    Park Park
    Parkway Pkwy
    Place Pl
    Plaza Plz
    Point Pt
    Road Rd
    Route Rte
    Street St
    Summit Smt
    Terrace Ter
    Valley Vly
    Way Way

Note: Although Chico Unified makes every effort to ensure that the information provided by the School Locator is accurate, 100% accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Chico Unified takes no responsibility for decisions made by users on the basis of this information. Users should contact the school to confirm their student is eligible to attend before taking any action.