Health Update - 5/26/17 (3:35 p.m.)

Norovirus Flyer

Our Maintenance and Operation Team will be doing an extensive cleaning at Emma Wilson Elementary School this weekend. In addition, they will be disinfecting all Chico Unified School District elementary schools and the play equipment at each site.


Health Update - 5/25/17 (8:43 a.m.)

The Butte County Health Department announced that norovirus-like illness is being reported in some Butte County Schools. We are continuing to monitor the situation closely.
The following is information from the Butte County Public Health Department:
Similar to other Northern California counties, Butte County schools are receiving increased reports of a norovirus-like illness. Norovirus is the most common cause of acute gastroenteritis in the United States. Common symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, and stomach cramps and can last for 1-3 days. The Butte County Public Health Department is working with local schools to monitor the situation and provide guidance to staff, parents, and caregivers of affected schools.

What is norovirus?

  • Norovirus is a highly contagious viral illness that spreads easily. 
  • Norovirus illness is often incorrectly referred to as “stomach flu”, but is not related to the influenza virus.
  • The most common symptoms include a sudden onset of vomiting, diarrhea and stomach pain, sometimes with low fever. 
  • People can become infected by:
    - Having direct contact with an infected person,
    - Eating food or drinking liquids that are contaminated with norovirus, and
    - Touching contaminated surfaces or objects, and then putting their hands in their mouth.
  • Most people get better within 1-3 days.
  • Norovirus can be serious for some people, especially the very young, the elderly, and people with other illnesses.
  • Norovirus is found in the stool and vomit of infected people. People ill with norovirus can transmit the virus to other people, especially while ill and in the first 48 hours after symptoms stop.

Action Requested of Parents and Caregivers

  1. Keep your child home if they are showing any signs of illness (stomach pain, nausea, fever, vomiting, and diarrhea) and keep them home for 48 hours after their symptoms are gone.
  2. Encourage consistent and correct hand washing (scrub for at least 20 seconds with warm water and soap), especially after using the restroom and before eating or drinking.
  3. Clean and disinfect contaminated surfaces with a bleach-based household cleaner as directed on the product label.
  4. Wash contaminated clothing or linens immediately. Launder with detergent at the maximum cycle length and machine dry.

There is no treatment for norovirus infection. Individuals with symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea should drink plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration. If symptoms become severe or prolonged, seek medical care.

View the most recent press release from Butte County Department of Public Health.

Precautionary Advisory From Butte County Public Health Department

FYI - Norovirus Prevention Tips

The Butte County Public Health Department released a precautionary advisory regarding measures to prevent the spread of Norovirus. Due to the statewide increase of reported cases, the following handout was prepared by the Butte County Public Health Department to help you identify and avert the spread of this virus. In an effort to prevent outbreaks in local schools, the Butte County Public Health Department encourages any person who may have contracted the virus to stay home for 48 hours after symptoms are gone.

Health Update - 5/24/17
  • Chico Unified School District is working with the Butte County Department of Public Health to closely track and monitor the spread of the Norovirus.
  • We did notice a higher than usual absentee rate at Emma Wilson Elementary School, so we immediately took precautionary actions due to the Yolo County advisory. The students sent home had symptoms consistent with the Norovirus. Since disinfecting the campus, we have not noticed any significant drops in school attendance.
  • Chico Unified Schools are taking a proactive approach and all of the school sites (including Loma Vista) received a complete deep cleaning and sterilization on Saturday as a precautionary measure.
  • We are committed to the safety of the students and will continue to monitor test results and school attendance.
  • As another precaution, we’re urging parents who have students exhibiting flu-like symptoms to keep their students home for 48 hours after symptoms have subsided (as recommended by the Health Department).
Norovirus Flyer

CHS Students Win Best of Show at Silver Dollar Fair

Photo of CHS award-winning art at Silver Dollar Fair

Congratulations to the following Silver Dollar Fair winners from Chico High School …

Best of Show:

  • Grace Maness, Scratchboard
  • Delaney Cox, Color Pencil
  • Laine Wood, Combined Drawing Techniques
  • Jace Mustagog, Stained Glass
  • Iris Kern, Architectural Drawing
Honorable Mentions:
  • Lezli Hernandez, Scratchboard
  • Savannah Wahl, Combined Drawing Techniques
  • Max Goulart, Pen and Ink
  • Jack Ludweigsen, Digital Photo
  • Kaylan Stevens, Sculpture
  • Mikaela Wiley, Ceramics
  • Arin Jenkins, Pen and Ink

Chico High School Teacher Honored as CSUC 2017 Distinguished Alumni

Photo of CHS Teacher - Ms. Ball
Congratulations to Chico High School's Department Chair and Teacher - Jenelle Ball!
Jenelle Ball actively inspires and motivates high school students to explore the world of science. She was recently recognized as California State University, Chico's 2017 Distinguished Alumni. This is an amazing honor and we're so proud of her accomplishments. We're very fortunate to have such a high quality of staff teaching in Chico Unified Schools.
Click on this link to learn more about Jenelle Ball:

Summer Planning - Graduation/Promotion Schedules

Summer is almost upon us. Here are some dates to help plan your schedule.
Graduation/Promotion Schedule:

Chico High School

Wed., June 7

8:00 pm

CSUC Stadium

Pleasant Valley High School

Wed., June 7

8:00 pm

Asgard Yard

Fair View High School/Oakdale

Tues., June 6

2:00 pm

Neighborhood Church


Tues., June 6

6:30 pm

Laxson Auditorium

Bidwell Junior High School

Thurs., June 8

8:30 am

Basketball Courts

Chico Junior High School

Thurs., June 8

8:30 am

West Playfield

Marsh Junior High School

Thurs., June 8

8:30 am

Outdoor Amphitheater

Academy For Change (AFC)/CAL

Wed., June 7

9:00 am


Last Day of School -  Wed., June 7 (Minimum day for secondary; full day for most elementary schools. The following elementary schools should check with their office for release times: Chapman, Hooker Oak, Little Chico Creek and McManus Elementary Schools)
First Day of 2017/18 School Year - Mon., August 21 (Minimum day for Bidwell Junior High, Chico Junior High and Marsh Junior High Schools)

Handcrafted Meals Baked Daily - Redefining School Lunch

Photo of CUSD Kitchen/Bakery
CUSD is proud to offer students a 2,500 sq. foot bakery. Meals are prepared from scratch - delivering healthy, and tasty, options for students.
Meredith Cooper, with the Chico News & Review, wrote this article:

Here are some highlights:

  • Jesse Simpson is bakery manager for the school district. He runs baking departments from Raley's, Whole Foods and Bouchon (one of the Bay Area's most renowned bakeries).
  • Jesse Simpson is part of the newly formed Chico Bread Guild.
  • The on-site oven is large enough to walk into and creates over 3,000 muffins per day.
  • Vince Enserro, Nutrition Services Director, shares that they roast pork and turkey and create 200-300 gallons of fresh pizza sauce weekly.
  • They only serve 100 percent beef hamburger patties and whole-piece chicken nuggets.
  • High school students get 11 menu option (and it changes every three months).
  • Each meal includes 2 oz. of protein at least 51 percent wheat flour.
  • The pizzas use dough and sauce made from scratch.
  • Vincent Enserro said: "... we're fortunate enough that everyone who works in our department is super-committed to that: to having the freshest fruits and vegetables and the best ingredients we can find.”
(Photo by Meredith Cooper)

CUSD Educators Win 2017 Rotary Educators of the Year Award


Chico Rotary honored six educators of the year, including four from Chico Unified School District.  Please join us in congratulating the following 2017 Rotary Educators of the Year:

  • Fair View High School:  Jesse Bremm, Physical Education
  • Chico High School:  Mike Christopher, Social Science
  • Inspire School of the Arts and Sciences:  Antonio Isern, Language

In addition, Brett Silva was honored at the 2017 Educator of the Year from Pleasant Valley High School.  Brett’s family was present for the ceremony and was not only able to hear the impact he had on students, staff and family, but his wife shared the positive impact our students, staff and families have had on the Silva family.

Congratulations to the 2017 Rotary Educators of the Year! 


HERO Mentors Shape Students for Career Success

ACE-LIFE is a Pleasant Valley High School college-prep Career and Technical Education (CTE) Program that prepares students for careers in education, child development, family and human services. The upcoming school year will mark the 20th anniversary of the ACE-LIFE Academy, and the 12th anniversary of the academy’s HERO program.

We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the extensive involvement of the HERO mentors listed below. Each of them provides 48 hours of job shadowing experience for our students, in addition to service-learning and community service opportunities.

Enloe Hospital - Coordinator: Laura Thompson
  • Ambulance
  • Inpatient Rehabilitation and Outpatient Physical Therapy
  • Respiratory Therapy
  • Radiology
  • Definitive Care
  • Surgical Care
  • Med Neuro
  • Cancer Center
  • ICU
  • Coronary Care Unit
  • Mother Baby Care Center
  • Lift Team
  • First Responder
  • Emergency Room
  • Lab

Chico Fire and Rescue - Coordinator: Division Chief John Kelso

  • Station 1: Ladders
  • Station 2: Technical Rescue Operations
  • Station 3: ARFF Training
  • Station 4: Wildland Operations 
  • Station 5: Firehose Operations
  • Station 6: Simulated Rescue

Chico Police Department - Coordinator: Heather Kavanaugh

  • Animal Control
  • VIPS
  • Records
  • Dispatch
  • Detectives

In Motion Fitness/Kids in Motion - Coordinator: Tennille Bales   

CSU Chico Autism Clinic - Coordinator:  Carli Ross

In Motion Fitness/Kids in Motion - Coordinator: Tennille Bales                                  

The Oakmont - Coordinator: Alfreda Troudy

Bidwell Junior High School

Marsh Junior High School


The following ACE-LIFE Careers with Kids mentor sites contribute 120 hours of work-based learning experience for our students:

  • Chico Walks for Autism
  • Special Olympics of Butte County                             
  • Marigold School Carnival
  • Dispatcher Appreciation Day Public Safety Fair
  • North Valley Fire, Health and Safety Expo
  • Pleasant Valley High School Veteran’s Awareness Day
  • Butte County Behavioral Health Impact Mentoring
  • Enloe Hospital Junior Volunteers
  • Shady Creek Environmental Camp
  • Jesse Kohen Memorial Run
  • Elementary School field trip assistants
  • Adopt-A-Family
  • Bidwell Bark
  • Teens in the Driver's Seat/ FCCLA
  • Thank you to volunteer drivers, Mr. Bob Gilzean, Mr. Randy Gilzean, Ms. Kay Kohen, and Mr. Keith Dietle.
  • Thank you to Yellow Cab for your professionalism and reliability.

It has been our great pleasure to partner with supportive, dedicated, professional community members for the past 20 years.  If you come in contact with any member of these organizations, please thank them for the myriad opportunities they have given to our students.


District Office Proposed Parking Addition

CUSD is considering the addition of thirty-five parking spaces at the District Office to accommodate staff and visitors while reducing street parking. The additional parking will minimize the enclosed grass area adjacent to the Large Conference Room with a portion of grass area preserved for community use. See attached for details, which has been distributed to nearby neighbors.

The CUSD Board of Education will consider the parking addition at the May 3, 2017 Board Workshop. Please submit any input and/or questions to Julie Kistle ([email protected]).

2017 Rotary Educators of the Year

Chico Rotary honored six educators of the year, including four from Chico Unified School District. Please join me in congratulating the following 2017 CUSD Rotary Educators of the Year:
  • Fair View High School: Jesse Bremm
  • Chico High School: Mike Christopher
  • Inspire School of the Arts and Sciences: Antonio Isern
  • In addition, Brett Silva was honored from Pleasant Valley High School. Brett’s family was present for the ceremony and was not only able to hear the impact he had on students, staff and family, but his wife shared the positive impact our students, staff and families have had on the Silva family.
Again, congratulations to the 2017 Rotary Educators of the Year!
Photo Below - Left to Right: Patrick Christensen, Butte College; Jesse Bremm, Fair View High School; Mike Christopher, Chico High School; Antonio Isern, Inspire High School; Lori Silva accepting on behalf of her husband Brett Silva, Pleasant Valley High School; and Nicholas Lynch, Chico State University.

2017 California Gold Ribbon Schools

Congratulations to Bidwell Jr. High and Chico High Schools for being honored as 2017 California Gold Ribbon Schools. The Gold Ribbon Awards recognize California schools that have made gains in implementing the academic content and performance standards adopted by the State Board of Education. These schools represent examples of not just excellent teaching, learning, and collaborating, but also highly successful school climate efforts, ranging from real time conflict resolution to positive behavior intervention.
Chico High School was honored for initiating and developing six College and Career Technical Education Pathways: Agriculture Mechanics/Manufacturing; Architecture/Engineering; Health; Information, Communication, Technology; Design, Arts, Media; and Agri-Science.

2016 ERP/CBEE California Honor Roll

A huge congratulations to Chico High, Pleasant Valley High, Bidwell Junior, Emma Wilson, Little Chico Creek, Marigold, Forest Ranch Charter, and Inspire for being named to the 2016 California Honor Roll by Educational Results Partnership (ERP) and the Campaign for Business and Education Excellence (CBEE)! - So proud of our Chico Schools!!!