Education Protection Account (EPA)

Proposition 30 added Article XIII, Section 36 to the California Constitution effective November 7, 2012. School Districts are required to determine how the moneys received from the Education Protection Account are spent in the schools within its jurisdiction on an annual basis. On June 27, 2018, the Board held a Public Hearing and approved the expenditures of the Education Protection Account (EPA). Click the following to view the EPA Spending Determination Spreadsheet.

About Fiscal Services

Chico Unified School District's Fiscal Services Department is divided into four major areas, below, as well as student attendance, purchasing, and inventory.
  • Accounting
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Payroll
  • Purchasing

Primary responsibilities of the department:
  • Maintenance of the General Ledger
  • Payment of salaries and benefits for district employees
  • Payment of invoices and claims for the operation costs of the district
  • Monitoring expenses to assure state and district regulations are met
  • Collecting revenue due to the district
  • Providing financial information to the Board of Education and district administrators
  • Preparation of state, federal and local reports
  • Accounting for all financial transactions of the district according to general accepted accounting principles

Fiscal Services

FISCAL SERVICES (530) 891-3000 x123 Fax: (530) 891-3267
Jaclyn Kruger, Director
(530) 891-3000 x131 Email
Charise Bromley, Accountant
(530) 891-3000 x127
Jamisson Parker, Accountant (530) 891-3000 x130 Email
Melinda Edgecomb, Buyer (Purchasing)  (530) 891-3000 x126 Email
Terri Humphrey, Senior Account Clerk (M-Z) (530) 891-3000 x128 Email
Jeanne Slocomb, Senior Account Clerk (A-L) (530) 891-3000 x129 Email
Marie Hartman, Director  (530) 891-3000 x141 Email
Cynthia Gess,Payroll/ Benefits Specialist (530) 891-3000 x113 Email
Corinne Carter, Payroll/Benefits Technician (530) 891-3000 x114 Email
Jeanette Kapellas, Payroll Coordinator (530) 891-3000 x115 Email
Allison Patton, Payroll Coordinator (530) 891-3000 x123 Email