Work Order System

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The Maintenance & Operations Work Order System has changed! We are now part of the HelpDesk!
CLICK HERE to log in to the Maintenance & Operations Work Order System
PLEASE NOTE: Only users who had access to the old SPMMS work order system can generate work orders. If you have any questions, please call M&O @ (530) 891-3095.  In this work order system, your username/password are the same as your email.
Work Order Performance Summary

Work Order Performance Summary iconWork Order Performance Summarytitle

Work orders are issued for routine maintenance items that require repair or replacement.  Since work orders are processed year around, some will not be completed before the current fiscal year ends.  These remaining work orders are completed in the following fiscal year, therefore, there will always be a percentage of work orders that are not completed in any given fiscal year.
Sites Work Orders Submitted Work Orders Completed Percent Completed
Totals 4537 4349 96%
Elementary 2091
2024 97%
Junior High 983 941 96%
Senior High 920
Other 543 521