School Bus Ridership Fees

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School Bus Ridership Fees

The annual home-to-school transportation fee schedule for all K-12 students (Note: Pre-K transportation is not currently available) who ride the bus to and/or from school will be reviewed annually and a fee schedule established for the year.  There is an individual rider fee or a family rate which includes two or more riders. Transportation fees for students who ride the school bus once in the morning or once in the afternoon will be one-half the rate paid by students riding both ways.  Fees for less than a full year will be prorated by staff based on the proportional part of the year remaining.
A booklet of 12 One-Way Occasional Rider Bus Tickets may be purchased at the Transportation Department.  The occasional rider will need one ticket for a morning ride and/or one ticket for an afternoon ride, and may only ride on a space-available basis and must use existing stops.

Parents desiring home-to-school transportation services must apply for the service ANNUALLY and receive District approval before their child(ren) will be allowed to ride the school bus; however, exceptions may be made by staff at the beginning of the school year and in emergency situations. Transportation fees are to be paid in a timely manner to retain transportation service. Parents are advised that if transportation fees are not paid in a timely manner and transportation services are revoked, the parent assumes full responsibility for the welfare and transport of her/his child.
Click on the following link to view the transportation fee schedule for the school year:
School Bus Schedule

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Staff is directed to coordinate school schedules and bus routes to meet the needs of students.  Further, bus routes and stops will be designed to meet the safety needs of students and enable the District to provide transportation services in an energy and cost-efficient manner.

Bus routes will generally be limited to properly maintained, paved roads with no dead ends.  A bus route may include limited travel distances on a gravel road(s) if the gravel road is properly maintained.  All roads to be traveled by school buses must provide the driver with good visibility and be sufficiently wide for two vehicles to pass safely.

Home-to-school bus runs will be made once in the morning, and school-to-home bus runs will be made once in the afternoon. Note: Early or late-start mornings, mid-days, early out or late afternoon bus runs will not be made to accommodate students who are unable to use the regular morning and afternoon bus runs.