Internet Filtering, Browsing History and more.....

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Internet Filtering, Browsing History and more.....

Your home, your rules with SECURLY
If you don't approve of a website, BLOCK IT!

Securly is a cloud based web filter that CUSD uses to meet CIPA compliance with our student Chromebooks on and off our network.  Some of the features of the Securly Parent Portal are the ability to view browsing history and block access to additional websites.

You must have an Aeries Parent Portal in order to connect to Securly. 
An email with your SECURLY logon credentials will be sent to your Aeries Parent Portal email address.

If you did not receive an email, and/or need it resent, please contact Securly Support directly at

NEW: Pause Internet
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Link to Securly Home app site
 Pause Internet - Securly 
Securly Parent Portal logon:
Aeries Parent Portal logon:
Click here for instructions on creating a Securly Parent Portal account
Click here for step-by-step instructions on creating an Aeries Parent Portal account
Securly is not managed by CUSD.  If you have any issues please contact Securly Support.