The staff of the Educational Services Department provides leadership and expertise for programs and services supporting the success of students and educators. They work to promote the instructional growth in a manner that reflects the best current knowledge of teaching, learning, and children's growth and development within the context of our multi-cultural community.

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Jay Marchant Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services 
    Kim Hernandez       Administrative Assistant  20137 Email
   Jennifer McCall       Coordinator, Student Information  20184 Email
Diane Olsen Director, Student Services    20135 Email
    Robert Derucher       Administrative Specialist           20138    Email 
    Tami Medearis
      Administrative Specialist     20156   Email
Tina Keene
Director, State and Federal Programs     20105   Email
     Christina Winkle
      Administrative Specialist     20105   Email
     Barbara Akimoto       Administrative Specialist     20173   Email
John Shepherd
Director, Secondary and Alternative Education      20105   Email
     Christina Winkle      Administrative Specialist     20105   Email
John Vincent
Director, Technology     20401   Email
     Kelly McKeon         Administrative Specialist     20413    Email 
Tim Cariss
Director, Assessment & Accountability     20230   Email
    Kate Ory         Administrative Specialist     20268   Email
Ted Sullivan
Director, Elementary Education     20137   Email
     Kim Hernandez        Administrative Assistant     20137   Email

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The vision of the Educational Services staff is to ensure the academic success of all students. To achieve this vision the department will focus on high academic standards, strong instructional strategies, and ongoing support to the schools and community. The Educational Services department works with school sites to ensure a strong instructional program and provide staff development to support student learning. The Educational Services department further focuses on supporting the unique needs of all students.


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The mission of the Chico Unified School District, a partnership of students, staff, families and community, is to ensure all students achieve high levels of academic and personal success, contribute to their community and confidently compete in a changing global society by engaging students in quality educational programs that address diverse student needs and promote learning throughout life.
The Chico Unified School District operates 21 schools in the city of Chico and adjacent unincorporated areas of Butte County and serves approximately 12,500 students in grades K-12. Please click here for profiles of our schools and links to individual school websites. For more information on school programs and policies, please see links at left.