Table of Contents  
Article 1 Preamble
Article 2 Wages
Article 3 Hours of Employment
Article 4 Layoff and Impact and Effects of Layoff
Article 5 Leaves
Article 6 Transfers
Article 7 Health & Welfare Benefits
Article 8 Safety Conditions of Employment
Article 9 Training
Article 10 Procedures to be used for Evaluation of Bargaining Unit Employees
Article 11 Procedures for Processing Grievances
Article 12 Organizational Security
Article 13 Definitions
Article 14 Disciplinary Procedure
Article 15 Transportation
Article 16 Year-Round Education
Article 17 Early Retirement Pursuant to Government Code 20904
Article 18 Light Duty Assignment
Article 19 Negotiations/Duration
Schedule A-1 Alpha List
Schedule A-2 Salary Schedule
Schedule C-1 Medical
Schedule C-2 Dental
Schedule C-3 Vision
Schedule C-4 Life
Appendix D Side Letters 1994-95
Appendix E Side Letters 1995-96
Appendix F Side Letters 1996-97
Appendix G Side Letters 1999-2000
Miscellaneous MOU's and Obsolete Side Letters