Seniority is based on the date of employment within the classification in which the employee currently holds a position.
Seniority Lists include the names of employees who currently hold a position in the classification.
If an employee no longer holds a position in the classification, the employee's name will not appear on the Seniority List.
Bargaining Unit

Bargaining Unit iconBargaining Unittitle

Nutrition Services Area Coordinator
Accounting Technician Nutrition Services Coordinator
Administrative Specialist Office Assistant
Baker Assistant Office Assistant-Elementary Attendance
Bakery Manager
Office Assistant-Elementary Attendance-Bil
Bicultural Liaison Payroll/Benefits Technician
Buyer Payroll Coordinator
Cafeteria Assistant
Preschool Assistant
Cafeteria Cook Manager 1 Registrar
Cafeteria Cook Manager 2 School Bus Driver-Type 1
Cafeteria Cook-Small School
School Bus Driver-Type 2
Cafeteria Satellite Manager
School Bus Driver/Utility Worker
Campus Supervisor School Office Manager
Computer Technician
Sr Account Clerk
Construction Records Technician Sr Custodian
Coordinator-Student Information Sr Equipment Mechanic
Sr Grounds Worker
Delivery Worker Sr Library Clerk
Elementary Guidance Specialist Sr Library Media Assistant
Grounds Worker Sr Maintenance Worker-Carpenter
Health Assistant  Sr Maintenance Worker-Electrician    
Impacted Language Liaison-Hmong Sr Maintenance Worker-HVAC
Information Systems Analyst Sr Maintenance Worker-HVAC/Refrigeration
Instructional Assistant-Bilingual Sr Maintenance Worker-Painter
Instructional Assistant-Computers Sr Maintenance Worker-Plumber
Instructional Paraprofessional Sr Maintenance Worker-Sprinkler Systems    
Instructional Paraprofessional-Hearing Impaired Sr Office Assistant
Instructional Paraprofessional-Visually Impaired Stock Clerk
Lead Mechanic Storekeeper
Library Media Assistant Targeted Case Manager-Bil (Hmong)
Licensed Vocational Nurse Targeted Case Manager-Bil (Spanish)
Maintenance & Operations Coordinator Telecommunications Specialist
Maintenance Worker Transportation Coordinator
Network Analyst Transportation Driver Trainer/Instructor
Transportation Special Ed Aide
Parent Restricted Aides

Parent Restricted Aides iconParent Restricted Aidestitle

Chapman  Parent Classroom Aide    
Chico High  Parent Science Aide    
Parent Classroom Aide   Parent Liaison Aide 
Emma Wilson Parent Classroom Aide   Parent Liaison Aide
Hooker Oak
Parent Classroom Aide    
Little Chico Creek Parent Classroom Aide    
Marigold Parent Classroom Aide    
Parent Classroom Aide    
Neal Dow Parent Classroom Aide    
Parent Classroom Aide    
Rosedale Parent Classroom Aide    
Shasta Parent Classroom Aide    
Sierra View Parent Classroom Aide