Name Title
Jim Hanlon Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources 142 E-mail
Heather Deaver Certificated Human Resources Assistant 142 E-mail
David Koll Executive Director - Human Resources 107 E-mail
Rhonda Kaufmann Classified Human Resources Assistant 108 E-mail
Julie Graulich Human Resources Coordinator 109 E-mail
Kathy Watt Human Resources Coordinator 132 E-mail
Whitney Strukan Administrative Specialist 125 E-mail
Christina Ordorica Administrative Specialist 100 E-mail
Confidential Fax # for Human Resources is (530) 891-3211.

Mission Statement

Jim Hanlon
Assistant Superintendent
The mission of the Human Resources Department is to attract, hire, retain, and support the most highly qualified and talented workforce that reflects our values and beliefs and is committed to accomplishing the Chico Unified School District's mission.