The Dashboard is an online tool that shows how districts and schools are performing on the state and local measures that are included in California's school accountability system. The dashboard provides information about how local educational agencies and schools are meeting the needs of California's diverse student population based on a set of measures.

There are six state measures and five local measures. The measures are calculated by the state using data reported throughout the year. Information about local measures are entered by our district based on information we collect at the local level.

Understanding the Six State Measures

1. Academic Performance looks at our scores on the Smarter Balanced Summative Assessment, specifically how far above or below our students are from the grade-level standard. A separate score is provided for both mathematics and English language arts/literacy (also called ELA). This measure is important because it allows us to see, on average, the performance of our students and if they are above or below standards.
2. Graduation Rate looks at how many of our students attending comprehensive high schools, within four years. This measure is important because graduation from high school leads to more opportunities for our students in the long term and enables them to pursue higher education.
3. Suspension Rate looks at how many of our students were suspended. This measure is important because it allows us to see if all student groups are receiving equal treatment and whether discipline policies are working.
4. College/Career Readiness looks at how many of our students graduate better prepared for success after high school. This measure is important because it allows us to see how well high schools and districts are preparing students for likely success after high school graduation.

State Measures Graphic
5. Chronic Absenteeism looks at how many of our students were chronically absent. This measure is important because attendance is important to student success, and it is difficult for students to learn if they are absent from the classroom.
6. English Language Progress looks at how well our English learners are progressing from year to year. This measure is important because having all English learners reach English proficiency is the goal for California.
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