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Butte College Connect is a joint partnership between Chico Unified School District and Butte College. The goal is to provide high school seniors the option of spending their senior year at Butte College. 
Students complete high school requirements through a combination of class time and independent studies while enrolling in Butte College classes each semester. 
Students typically complete an average of 22 college units.  Students can earn general education credit, explore interests, majors, and enjoy a supported immersion experience prior to their “official” freshman year of college.
Who Can Attend

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Juniors, enrolled in a Chico Unified school, can apply to the College Connection program during December-January of their 11 grade year.  Students selected to participate in the program will attend all of their classes at Butte College their senior year.

College Connection students are seeking to begin their college journey through an immersion model.  These students gain firsthand knowledge of the college environment, access to a wide variety of courses and the opportunity to learn in a more independent setting, with the support of a Chico Unified teacher and advisor.

For more information, please contact College Connection advisor Elaine Ellsmore at ellsmoreel@butte.edu or 893-7600. You also may speak with your high school counselor or view your high school website for additional information.

College Connection
Where Do College Connection Students Go After Graduation?

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Where Do College Connection Students Go After Graduation?

College Connection graduate with their class at their home high school’s graduation ceremony in June.  After they graduate, College Connection students branch out in many directions; students can attend California State Universities, University of California campuses, private colleges, out of state colleges, while some choose to remain at Butte College with plans to transfer to a four year college or university.

In the fall of 2018, Butte College began offering the Butte College Promise Scholarship to high school graduates who enroll as full time freshman.  This amazing program provides four, tuition free semesters to qualified students. This means it is possible for a College Connection student to complete their General Education (GE) tuition free, making a four-year degree much more affordable!