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Chico Unified School District


Chico Unified School District


Volunteer Opportunities

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Volunteer to Read with a Student

One student a semester. One hour a week. Students enrolled in Reading Pals gain one year of literacy skills in just four months! Become a volunteer today.

What makes Reading Pals Chico so different?
"At Reading Pals Chico we understand you care about the next generation and want to give back to your community. But you worry if you have enough time to truly invest. Perhaps you wonder if you have the skills needed. Or maybe you worry that volunteering won’t even make a difference.

We believe every child deserves to become a confident adult well-equipped for a successful life. Inspired by this belief, we partnered with our local schools to help solve one of their greatest challenges… helping all students learn how to read confidently. When a student is able to read with confidence it changes the trajectory of their educational experience. Our simple model: One student, one volunteer, one hour a week has led to over 2,000 students changing the story of their lives. 

When students complete the Reading Pals program, they have gained much more than reading abilities. They walk away filled with self-esteem and confidence to carry them through life."

Help rewrite the story for students in Chico. Complete the Reading Pals Volunteer Application Online*

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