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Chico Unified School District


Chico Unified School District

Parent Services provides support to families of students served by the Chico Unified Special Education Department.


Parents are notified of all of their rights annually and at various stages within the special education process. Staffs from the District, County Office of Education or SELPA are available to answer questions and provide assistance.

To view the Special Education Rights of Parents and Children document in your language, please click on the following links to download the documents.

Common Acronyms

  • APE - Adapted Physical Education
  • CAC - Community Advisory Committee
  • CCS California Children's Services
  • CH - Communicatively Handicapped
  • DIS - Designated Instruction & Service
  • ED - Emotionally Disturbed
  • EL - English Learners
  • HH - Hard of Hearing
  • IEP - Individualized Education Program
  • IWEN - Individual With Exceptional Needs
  • LD - Learning Disability
  • LEA - Local Education Agency
  • LEP - Limited English Proficiency
  • NEP - Non-English Proficient
  • NPS - Non-Public School
  • OI - Orthopedically Impaired
  • OHI - Other Health Impaired
  • OT - Occupational Therapy
  • PL 94-142 - Public Law 94-142
  • RSP - Resource Specialist Program
  • SDC - Special Day Class
  • SELPA - Special Education Local Plan Area
  • SH - Severely Handicapped
  • SI - Speech Impaired
  • S/L - Speech and Language
  • SLD - Specific Learning Disability
  • SST - Student Study Team (Also know as Child Study Team)
  • VI - Visually Impaired (Blind and Partially Sighted)
Further Resources

Further Resources

The  BCOE Special Education Department provides educational services to individuals 0 to 22 years of age who have various forms of disabilities.

The CDE Special Education Division serves the unique needs of individuals with disabilities.
Student Study Team

Student Study Team

The Student Study Team (SST) is a school site team, which reviews individual student strengths and problem areas. The SST plans strategies and organizes resources for addressing problems and concerns. This process is a function of regular education.

Please see further details in English or Spanish.