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Chico Unified School District


Chico Unified School District

Chico Unified School District - Technology Infrastructure Master Plan

Chico Unified School District - Technology Infrastructure Master Plan

The scope of work  below is a contribution of IEEE Data Communication Standards, school site infrastructure evaluations,  technology assessments,  which were performed and assessed by District Staff and Professional Consultants.

This plan is being developed to allow the integration of IT Infrastructure  while staying in alignment with the current Facilities Master Plan and Common Core Quick-Start Projects.

Technology Infrastructure Master Plan: Phase I & II RFP Scopes

Technology Infrastructure Master Plan: Phase I & II RFP Scopes

All Bidding Closed


Infrastructure Cabling Information for RFP# PV High School



Infrastructure Cabling Information for RFP# Chico High School



Link for RFP#  2015-E104 Cabling Infrastructure - Measure E Project

RFP# 2015-E104 Site Map - PDF

RFP# 2015-E104 Cabling Specifications -Excel

RFP# 2015-E104 Job Walk - Unacceptable Cabling Infrastructure - Photos

RFP# 2015-E104 Job Walk - Security Camera PlansRFP# 2015-E104 Addendum - Final (5/26/2015)

RFP# 2015-E104 Questions and Answers - None  (5/26/2015)


Infrastructure Cabling Information for RFP# 2015-E103:  

Link for RFP#  2015-E103 Cabling Infrastructure - Measure E Project

RFP# 2015-E103 Questions and Answers - Final  (2/3/2015)

RFP# 2015-E103 Addendum 1.1 - Final (2/3/2015)

RFP# 2015-E103 Drawing - Conduit Plan 

RFP# 2015-E103 Drawing - Security Camera Plan

Infrastructure Cabling Information for RFP# 2014-E101:

Link for RFP#  2014-E101 Cabling Infrastructure - Measure E Project

·         Emma Wilson Elementary

·         Neal Dow Elementary

·         Shasta Elementary

RFP# 2014-E101 Questions and Answers - Final (10/15/2014)

RFP# 2014-E101 Addendum 1.0

Asbestos Information for all School Sites



Infrastructure Cabling Information for RFP# 2014-E100:

Link for RFP#  2014-E100 Cabling Infrastructure - Measure E Project

·         Hooker Oak

·         Little Chico Creek

·         Sierra View

Link to School Site Diagrams

Link to Scope of Work

General Information:
Link to District Site Maps with Room Numbers - Revised 2006
Link to May 5, 2014 - Measure E Projects - CUSD DATA Cabling Specification - Hand out during job walks

Update to Cabling Specification:

Replace Part Number –

·         From: Gen 7133800 CMR / 7131800 CMP (GS6)

·         To: GenSpeed 6000 CMR 7133900/7131949/7133960


Bid Bonds: Due to the fact that the totals bids for this project will exceed $250,000.00. No bid will be considered unless it is accompanied by a Cashier's Check, Certified Check or Bid Bond from a surety authorized to do business in California for ten percent (10%) of the Combined Base Bid Amount, made payable to Chico Unified School District. The above-mentioned check or bid bond shall be given as a guarantee that the Bidder shall, if selected by the District, execute the Contracts, in conformance with the Contract Documents. The Cashier's Check, Certified Check, or Bid Bond will be given as a guarantee that the bidder will enter into a contract to perform the work stated and will be declared forfeited if the bidder refuses or neglects to enter into the contract.


Performance Bond:  Contractor, before beginning the Work, shall file a Performance Bond and a Payment Bond with the District, each made payable to the District. These bonds shall be issued by a surety company authorized to do business in the State of California and shall be maintained  during the entire life of the Contract at the expense of the Contractor. Each bond shall be in the amount of one hundred percent (100%) of the Contract. The Performance Bond shall guarantee the faithful performance of the Contract.  


Bond Forms: The District does not provide Bond Forms. All  Bond Forms will  be provided by the Contractors surety company.


Cabling Scope Update @ Hooker Oak Elementary


 Drop Count

 Updated Information



 Remove from Scope



 Remove from Scope



 Remove from Scope



 Remove from Scope



 Remove from Scope



 Add to Scope



 Add to Scope



 Add to Scope



 Add to Scope


Questions and Answers:

·         Question 1: Is the Cat6 cabling plenum or non-plenum?

o    Answer 1: All CAT6 is non-plenum

·         Question 2: Can the bid deadline be extended? There is an awful lot of work that is needed on all sites and this is a short period of time given to put it all together.

o    Answer 2: CUSD is very limited on the amount of time that we have to put these projects together and have them completed by August. There were be no extension of the bid deadline at this point.

·         Question 3: Can a Leviton/BerkTek Solution be offered in lieu of the Panduit solution?  The Leviton/BerkTek solution comes with a lifetime warranty.

o    Answer 3: CUSD is open to bids on other solutions.  Per the RFP, we are requesting that vendors be PanGen certified. If you are PanGen certified and you want to submit an alternative bid, we will accept that.  Preference will be given to the vendors who meet the CUSD cabling specifications.  See Cabling Specifications above under General Information.

·         Question 4: Can it be agreed upon by the CUSD and  bidding Contractors that each room will be bid with 200 feet of Wiremold to keep the  bids comparable?

o    Answer 4: Raceway footage is to determined by each contractor. The contractor should have sufficient raceway in their bid to install up to 5 data  location in each classroom. Drops could be  in any combination of 2, 4, or 6  per box. During the job walk, it was suggested that most classrooms should have 2 in the ceiling (wireless), 2 up high (above whiteboard) in the front of the class rooms, 2 at the teachers desk, and 2 locations of 4 for students. Total of 14 drops.

·         Question 5: How is the size of the data cabinet in each IDF location determined and do you require horizontal wire management with patch panels?

o    Answer 5: All data cabinets should be CPI 2' cubes unless the cable count exceeds 60. If cable drops go over 60, then please provide a 3' CPI data cabinet. The exception would be space limitations, where the Contractor could only place a 2' cube in that particular location.  Yes, Panduit horizontal wire management is required with Panduit patch panels.

·         Question 6: Are Patch panels required for the voice feeds?

o    Answer 6: Yes, voice feeds should be terminated from the 66 block to a new Cat5e patch panel.

·         Question 7: I saw Twin-70 listed in the cabling specification; under what conditions would we install Twin-70?

o    Answer 7: When data counts exceed 24 drops in a classroom (Computer Lab) Twin-70 will be used. If there is existing raceway in a classroom, it would be up to the District if it needed to be replaced.

·         Question 8: Is there a specified Job Completion date for all three schools?

o    Answer 8: The job completion date should be no later than September 3rd, 2014.  School starts back up on August 18. Once school starts, Contractors would have to work a late shift staring at 3:30PM to avoid interference with District staff and students.

·         Question 9: Contractors Warranty, I understand that the product to be installed has a manufactures 25-year warranty, but is the contractor warranty the standard one year?

o    Answer: 9: Modified 5/09/14 2:48 PM - Warranty set to 2 Years. The District is Requesting the following warranty: The Contractor shall provide a minimum of two (2) year written warranty covering workmanship and compliance with the Owners specifications. All repair, including labor and material, shall be provided at no cost to the Owner during the warranty period. Contractors shall supply warranted workmanship in accordance with vendor products as available. Within 24 hours after notification, the Contractor shall correct any deficiencies that occur during the warranty period.

·         Question 10: Bonding:  Liquidated damages. I need to know the dollar amount of liquidated damages per day.

o    Answer 10: Bonding: Liquidated damages. Damages would be $250 per day, past the September 3rd, 2014 deadline.


As part of the Contract agreement with RFP2014-E100, Please sign and return the linked document for the Addendums above: Adendum2014-E100


Primary Contact: John Sclare, Network Analyst

530-891-3000 x118 Click to Email