Welcome to the Transportation Department 

The Transportation Department is charged with providing fee-based home-to-school transportation services for eligible students residing within Chico Unified School District boundaries. Transportation services may be provided via school District vehicles, contracted services, and/or volunteer services.

The safety of students and staff is a primary goal of the District, therefore, all school buses will comply with applicable laws, regulations and inspection requirements.  All school bus drivers will meet both state and school district standards to qualify as bus drivers.  Those students transported in a school bus will be under the authority of and responsible to the driver of the bus.  All students will conduct themselves in a cooperative manner.  Any student who does not conduct herself/himself appropriately will be subject to disciplinary action.  

The District operates transportation services as safely, efficiently and economically as possible.

Contact Us

The Transportation Department is located at 2455 Carmichael Dr., Chico, CA 95928.
Phone: (530) 891-3097, FAX: (530) 891-3149.
John Carver: Director of Transportation - 530.891.3218
Bob Ontiveros: Transportation Supervisor
Ken Gregory: Transportation Coordinator Regular Ed & Field Trips
Kayla Myers: Senior Account Clerk
Tammi Ramos: Transportation Coordinator Special Ed
Mark Alstad: School Bus Driver/Trainer
Photo of the Transportation Building
Transportation Job Duties

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For job descriptions for our Transportation team ~ including School Bus Driver Type 1, School Bus Driver Type 2, Lead Mechanic, and Senior Equipment Mechanic ~ please visit the Human Resources Job Descriptions page.