Thank you for your interest in Chico Unified School District’s plan to place a Chromebook in the hands - and backpack - of every secondary student.

We hope this page addresses your questions, concerns and provides you with the information needed to make “one-to-one” successful for our secondary community. If you don't find what you need, please submit your question using the "contact us" form below.


Who Participates? 

All secondary students are included. We believe one-to-one is needed at this time in education: 

  • Writing, reading and effective research are crucial
  • Students need to learn the productivity tools of a modern-day workplace to be college and career ready 
  • More and more assessments and educational content are delivered online
  • College and Careers are technology-centric 

One-to-one refers to a learning environment where students have "anytime-anywhere" access to web-based resources as well as the digital tools that allow students to create, curate and collaborate. 

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Chromebook Resources

Chromebook Protection Plan

Chromebook_Protection_Plan iconChromebook Protection Plantitle

Starting with the 2019-20 School Year the Chromebook Protection Plan is free for all families.
You must complete the Authorizations in Aeries for your student to receive a Chromebook and the complimentary Protection Plan.
Logon to your Parent Portal at https://hac.chicousd.org
Chromebook Slideshows

Chromebook_Slideshows iconChromebook Slideshowstitle

Welcome to your new Chromebook
"Basic instructions for students at checkout"
image of slide show cover
"General information on using your new Chromebook...  
Care and Feeding instructions and more"
Security with SECURLY:// and Internet Filtering

Security_with_SECURLY://_and_Internet_Filtering iconSecurity with SECURLY:// and Internet Filteringtitle

Your home, your rules with SECURLY://
If you don't approve of a website,

Securly:// is a cloud based web filter that CUSD uses to meet CIPA compliance with our student Chromebooks on and off our network.  Some of the features of the Securly:// Parent Portal are the ability to view browsing history and block access to additional websites.

For more information, visit our Securly:// page.
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