Form 10 (Intra-District Transfer)

Form 10 (Intra-District Transfer) iconForm 10 (Intra-District Transfer)title

Intra-District Transfers (Form 10s) are utilized by parents who currently reside within Chico Unified School District and wish to have their child attend a school of their choice rather than their neighborhood school. LEARN MORE

2018-19 School Year

Form 11 (Inter-District Transfer)

Form 11 (Inter-District Transfer) iconForm 11 (Inter-District Transfer)title

Inter-District Transfers (Form 11s) are used for students residing outside of Chico Unified School District, but who meet residency requirement that may allow them to enroll in a Chico Unified School. The Intra-District Transfer form must begin with the school district you currently reside. LEARN MORE

2018-19 School Year

  • Application for students currently residing in Chico Unified School District who wish to attend a school outside of Chico Unified School District | Download Application
Registration Forms

Registration Forms iconRegistration Formstitle

  • Proof of Residence
  • Health Registration Form
Student Accident Insurance

Student Accident Insurance iconStudent Accident Insurancetitle

Risk Management Forms

Risk Management Forms iconRisk Management Formstitle

  • Claim Handling Procedures
  • Claim for Injury, Damage and/or Indemnity Form


  • Donation Form - Utilize if you wish to receive a formal thank you letter from Chico Unified School District. Please fill out the form and submit to the office manager at your school.
  • Uniform Complaint Form English | Spanish | Hmong - Please complete if there is a complaint or charge against any school site, program, office or school district employee. LEARN MORE
  • Volunteer Form - If you plan to volunteer at a school event, drive on field trips or help with coaching events, then please complete the following volunteer form.