The safety and security of our school campuses are a top priority within Chico Unified School District. We strive to foster a learning environment that supports our students in a safe and nurturing way. Chico Unified has taken many steps to help cultivate an environment conducive to student learning.
Image of Fire Safety Training

School Resource Officers

Chico Unified School District received grant funding to place three full-time School Resource Officers (SROs) on our school campuses during the 2018-19 school year and an additional two SROs (for a total of five) in the 2019-20 school year. The SROs' goals include:
  • Provide monitoring and enforcement of tobacco laws
  • Develop and foster positive relationships with students
  • Strengthen ties between Chico Unified and the Police Department
Photo of Chico Police Officer on Campus
Security Cameras

Security_Cameras iconSecurity Camerastitle

Chico Unified School District utilizes camera surveillance equipment to increase safety for our students, staff and visitors. Use of the surveillance footage has been instrumental in decreasing campus theft and graffiti and mitigating potentially hazardous situations prior to escalation. LEARN MORE

Staff Training

Our Human Resources Department makes safety a priority. Safety classes are offered to all staff throughout the year including CPR and first aid training, fire extinguisher training, defensive driver training and more. In addition, employees are rewarded for making healthy and safe choices at their job sites.
Photo of CPR Training
School Site Fencing

School_Site_Fencing iconSchool Site Fencingtitle

Based on parent, teacher, staff and community input campus fencing was identified as a major concern to address during the District-Wide Facilities Master Plan process.
Chico Unified worked to design, purchase and install gates and fences around school campuses to improve a single point of entry to a campus “during school hours” concept. Our Facilities & Construction team worked diligently to create a more secure campus while maintaining the open and friendly campus atmosphere.

Counselors iconCounselorstitle

Chico Unified School District is proud to make mental health a priority across the school district. All of our schools have Targeted Case Managers and School Counselors on staff at each site. In addition, our elementary schools also employee guidance counselors to provide extra behavioral support and assistance for our younger students.
Image of Targeted Case Manager holding Backpacks
Emergency Response Training

Emergency_Response_Training iconEmergency Response Trainingtitle

Chico Unified School District has a dedicated District Incident Response Team (DIRT). The DIRT team is comprised of administrators and staff who develop, oversee and monitor school site safety protocol, procedures and training. The DIRT team has been instrumental in implementing top safety priorities such as:
  • Door Lock Blocks for all exterior classroom doors
  • Window coverings for all classroom windows
  • Identifying and installing surveillance cameras and security lighting in problematic areas
  • Assisting with the identification and coordinator of adding speed bumps, cross walks and other safety signage on or near school campuses